Samsung officially unveiled One UI 5.0 firmware


Samsung finally officially unveiled the One UI 5.0 firmware based on the Android 13 operating system. Currently, it is not clear for which smartphones this firmware will be released in the first place. But without a doubt, the newest and most powerful Samsung flagships have the highest priority to receive this update. Thus, the Galaxy S22 series is among the first handsets to receive One UI 5.0. This scenario will be operational before the end of October.

This firmware was introduced during Samsung’s annual developer conference in 2022. The changes applied in this firmware include external modifications. For example, new animations and widgets will be available. However, there are more changes in the interior. Currently, due to the lack of a press release from Samsung, the features provided in the One UI 5.0 user interface are still in an aura of uncertainty. However, it can be assumed that users will witness evolutionary innovations.


Based on beta testing, it looks like One UI 5.0 will be an improvement over One UI 4.0 in some aspects. However, there probably won’t be any major changes or new features. Of course, it is expected that the new firmware will have a more stable and smooth performance.

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