Samsung lowered its smartphone sales target to 2021


The negative consequences of the widespread spread of the Covid-19 disease on the market are probably decreasing; But in the meantime, new issues have arisen that have made it more difficult for smartphone manufacturing companies. The Elec website reports that this has caused Samsung to reconsider its production strategy for 2022.

According to this Korean publication, Samsung’s initial target was to produce 334 million smartphones, of which 284 million were manufactured by Samsung’s production lines and the remaining 50 million were produced by Samsung’s business partners. Of these, Samsung was looking to transfer 300 million smartphones; But later this figure was revised and reduced to 260 million devices. Also, according to informed sources, the company’s production target decreased to 34 million units during the months of October and November, which is much lower than the usual figure during this period.


For comparison, it is interesting to know that the widespread spread of the Corona virus in 2020 caused Samsung to perform poorly, and this company released only 250 million smartphones. In 2021, Samsung produced about 300 million smartphones and provided 270 million of them to customers. This figure is about 10 million more than Samsung’s new target for 2022.

News sources cite rising inflation, declining consumer demand, and supply chain problems as the main reasons for lowering Samsung’s sales target this year.

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