Samsung is probably working on developing a 450 megapixel camera


Samsung has so far unveiled 2 200 megapixel ISOCELL family sensors. However, none of the above sensors have been used in the Galaxy Company’s phones so far. However, this is not the whole story; Because apparently the Korean company is developing another sensor, which based on the company’s recent trademarks, we can guess that its resolution will probably be 450 megapixels.

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Recently, in order to protect the intellectual rights of the trademark Hexa2pixel, Samsung has submitted a request for its registration to the Korean institute KIPRIS. Also, according to the announcement of the Galaxy Club website, the same trademark has been seen through the TMView database in Europe. However, it’s worth noting that the trademark doesn’t mention the camera sensor or its 450-megapixel resolution. But this has not stopped Samsung fans from theorizing about the nature of the Hexa2pixel trademark. One of the strange theories put forward is that Samsung is working on the development of an ultra-high resolution sensor.


Hexa2pixel is probably an evolved example of Tetra2pixel technology

The ISOCELL HP1 sensor has a resolution of 200 megapixels; But if the 2×2 pixel clustering technique is used, the resolution of the recorded images will reach 50 megapixels. In addition, it will be possible to use the 4×4 pixel clustering technique known as Tetra2pixel. Hexa2pixel is probably considered a new type of pixel clustering technology and will have the same performance as Tetra2pixel; with the difference that the information related to 32 adjacent pixels (6×6 pixel pattern) are merged into each other. This probably means that the said sensor will have a resolution of 450 megapixels.

This information is based on speculation; Therefore, at the current stage, it is recommended to look at their validity with skepticism. Even if this technology has a real nature; In this case, Samsung’s 450 megapixel sensor will probably not be introduced in the near future.

However, Samsung has been active in the megapixel competition for several years now; Therefore, the attempt of the Korean giant to break the boundaries and limitations will not be far from expected.

However, the registration of the Hexa2pixel trademark by Samsung is a reality and the achievements of this technology will only be determined in time.

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