Samsung hired one of Apple’s experienced engineers to produce more advanced chips


Despite Samsung’s hype about its Exynos 2200 flagship chip equipped with a graphics processor designed by AMD, the Galaxy S22 series smartphones with this native Samsung chip did not look very impressive. In fact, the Korean giant has limited the performance of its flagship chip in the Galaxy S22 series in order to prevent excessive temperature rise, and this has led to severe criticism.

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Recent reports show that Samsung is revising its chip production strategy, and according to the Business Korea website, the hiring of a former Apple employee can be interpreted as an effort in this direction. According to previous rumors, Samsung has created a 1000-strong team called Dream Platform One in order to develop a dedicated chip for its Galaxy smartphones.


According to Samsung’s previous strategy, this company was supposed to design chips and provide them to other Android handset manufacturers such as Google and Xiaomi. As a result of such a strategy, it seemed that there is a kind of buying and selling relationship between the company’s chip production units and Samsung Mobile. Apparently, now Samsung has decided to copy Apple’s chip manufacturing method. This means that from now on Exynos chips will be produced exclusively for Galaxy devices. According to predictions, the redesigned Exynos chips will be released in 2025.

Samsung hired a former Apple expert

According to a report today, Samsung has hired former Apple employee Kim Woo-pyong as the director of its packaging ideas center. This unit is located at the headquarters of Device Solution America. Mr. Kim appears to be from South Korea and worked at Texas Instruments and Qualcomm for nine years before joining Apple in 2014.

The report details Mr. Kim’s exact responsibilities and areas of expertise. In this report, it is noted that Mr. Kim’s employment in Samsung is considered an unusual phenomenon; Because 2 companies have used each other’s technologies and Apple claims that Samsung has stolen some technologies from this company. In 2012, Samsung hired Luke Julia, who previously worked on the development of the Siri voice assistant.

In the recent report, it is not explicitly stated that Mr. Kim will work in the development of the Exynos mobile chipset. After all, Apple is not only active in the field of producing Bionic chips used in its iPhones; Rather, this company produces the chips needed by Mac computers, Apple Watch smart watches and U1 ultra-broadband chips. However, the recent report refers to packaging technologies. These technologies are used by manufacturing companies to overcome the challenges of chip integration.

Samsung has recently started producing chips using advanced 3nm technology. According to the company, chips manufactured using this process have 23% better performance and 45% better energy efficiency compared to 5nm samples.

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