Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Bespoke Edition is coming with more than 70 color combinations


Following the disclosure of detailed information and many images about Samsung’s upcoming foldable phones called Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, now the question arises in the mind, what new information do famous leakers such as Ivan Blass have about these gadgets. According to predictions, Samsung’s future foldable handsets will be officially introduced during the Galaxy Unpacked event on August 10.

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Based on previously confirmed information, we now know that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 will be available to customers instead of a major redesign with subtle modifications and a wide variety of color models. Although experts have repeatedly pointed to the release of Galaxy Z Flip 4 with 4 main color models (the detailed images of these models were published on the Internet a few days ago); But thanks to Bespoke’s extensive customization program, a range of other color combinations are now listed in the Care Plus section of Samsung’s UK website.


Full list of available color models for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Using the word “full” to describe the list of Galaxy Z Flip 4 color models is probably not correct; Because at some point of time it was rumored that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 Bespoke Edition will be launched with a great variety of colors including more than 1000 different color combinations. But Samsung is expected to offer more than 70 different color combinations of the Galaxy Z Flip 4, at least in the UK market. These color combinations will include the following:

  • Black/green/navy
  • Black/green/red
  • Black/green/white
  • Black/green/yellow
  • Black/Navy/Green
  • Black/Navy/Navy
  • Black/Navy/Red
  • Black/navy/white
  • Black/Navy/Yellow
  • Black/red/green
  • Black/Red/Red
  • Black/red/white
  • Black/red/yellow
  • Black/white/green
  • Black/white/navy
  • Black/white/red
  • Black/white/white
  • Black/white/yellow
  • Black/yellow/green
  • Black/yellow/navy
  • Black/yellow/red
  • Black/yellow/white
  • Black/yellow/yellow
  • Blue
  • Bora Purple
  • Gold/Green/Green
  • Golden/green/navy
  • Golden/green/red
  • Golden/green/white
  • Golden/green/yellow
  • Golden/Navy/Green
  • Gold/Navy/Navy
  • Golden/Navy/Red
  • Golden/Navy/White
  • Golden/Navy/Yellow
  • Golden/red/green
  • Golden/red/navy
  • Gold/Red/Red
  • Golden/red/white
  • Golden/red/yellow
  • Golden/white/green
  • Golden/white/navy
  • Golden/white/red
  • Gold/White/White
  • Golden/white/yellow
  • Golden/yellow/green
  • Golden/yellow/navy
  • Golden/yellow/red
  • Dark gray (Graphite)
  • Pink Gold
  • Silver/Green/Green
  • Silver/Green/Navy
  • Silver/Green/Red
  • Silver/Green/White
  • Silver/Green/Yellow
  • Silver/Navy/Green
  • Silver/Navy/Red
  • Silver/navy/white
  • Silver/Navy/Yellow
  • Silver/Red/Green
  • Silver/Red/Navy
  • Silver/Red/Red
  • Silver/Red/White
  • Silver/Red/Yellow
  • Silver/white/green
  • Silver/white/navy
  • Silver/white/red
  • Silver/white/yellow
  • Silver/yellow/green
  • Silver/yellow/navy
  • Silver/yellow/red
  • Silver/yellow/white
  • Silver/yellow/yellow

The first color mentioned in the above list belongs to the phone frame. This means that Samsung will add at least one golden color option to the Galaxy Z Flip Studio 3 Bespoke in addition to the existing black and silver color models.

Even the completely golden Galaxy Z Flip 4 model will definitely have an eye-catching appearance despite the black camera modules.

The other 2 color options belong to the front and back panels of the phone and depending on the taste and style of the users, they can be selected in different combinations of green, navy, red, white and yellow. Considering that Galaxy Z Flip 3 is currently available in 5 different colors including blue, pink, yellow, white and black for the back and front panels; Therefore, it can be safely assumed that Samsung has considered more color options for the Galaxy Z Flip 4. These color models will probably be less popular compared to the previously mentioned options. It seems that Galaxy Z Flip 4 will be released in 2 different capacities of 128 GB and 256 GB.

Available color models for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 series are also largely confirmed

According to the latest leaked information, Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be launched in 2 capacities of 256 or 512 GB and with 3 different color models including Beige, Gray/Green and Phantom Black.

The image of the black Galaxy Z Fold 4 model from different angles

Also, Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will be available in 2 different sizes of 40 and 44 mm, 2 Bluetooth and cellular models, and 4 different color models as follows:

  • 40 mm with gold painting
  • 40 mm with dark gray painting (Graphite)
  • 40mm with Graphite Golf paint
  • 40 mm with silver painting
  • 44 mm with blue coloring
  • 44 mm with dark gray painting (Graphite)
  • 44 mm with Graphite Golf paint
  • 44 mm with silver painting

Finally, Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will be produced in 2 versions with and without 4G LTE connection, 45 mm size and 2 color models, black and titanium.

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