Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is coming with a 3-day battery charge


Battery charging has always been one of the biggest problems of smart watches equipped with Wear OS operating system. However, it seems that Samsung is trying to solve this problem to a large extent with the release of Galaxy Watch 5 Pro; Because according to some rumors, this smartwatch can be used for 3 days with one charge.

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There is about a month left until the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series. Although it seems that the new series will generally be launched with minor improvements over the previous generation models; But apparently the Pro model will be a very exciting smartwatch. A whistleblower named Ice Universe has claimed through a post on Twitter that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will be available to buyers with a battery charge of approximately 3 days. Achieving such a record is almost unprecedented in the world of Wear OS.


Most smartwatches equipped with Wear OS will charge for 24 hours at best; Although there are some exceptions. The Suunto 7 is the only other new smartwatch with a record battery life of nearly 3 days. This smartwatch is focused on fitness features and has a large size. Mobvoi’s Ticwatch Pro series often has a battery life of nearly 2 days. This achievement is due to the use of a two-layer display with a low-power layer. However, it seems that the almost 3-day battery life on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro comes directly from the higher battery capacity in this gadget.

“Galaxy Watch 5 Pro battery can last at least 3 days.” – @UniverseIce; July 22, 2022

It has been announced many times before that the battery capacity of Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will be in the range of 600 mAh, or to be more precise, 572 mAh. This figure indicates an almost 60% increase in battery capacity compared to the current Galaxy Watch models with Wear OS operating system. Therefore, a 3-day battery charge will definitely be available. However, other features of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro are still in the aura of uncertainty.

The recently leaked information indicates the use of a design template similar to the Galaxy Watch 4 series; Although the bezel used around the display will likely shift slightly. Also this year, the rotating physical bezel that is available in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic model; There will be no news. In terms of internal specifications, we will probably see the use of parts that are mostly similar to the Galaxy Watch 4 series. with the difference that the battery capacity will be increased in all models.

Samsung recently confirmed that it will unveil the Galaxy Watch 5 series of smartwatches alongside its new foldable phones, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, during the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event on August 10.

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