Samsung Galaxy smartphones became rare in the Russian market!


Although smartphone sales in the Russian market decreased by almost a third during the second 3 months of 2022; But according to reports, the stock of Samsung Galaxy devices has ended in stores in some regions of Russia. Considering that the demand for smartphones during the second 3 months of 2022 has reached the lowest level in the last 10 years; Therefore, the supply chain is more and more damaged.

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Samsung announced in March that due to the current geopolitical developments, it will stop exporting its products to Russia until further notice. Samsung was not the only western manufacturer of electronic equipment that withdrew from the country’s market in response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine.


In order to reduce the consequences of this withdrawal, Russia introduced a program to enable the import of various products without the need for the approval of trademark owners. In other words, stores can import Samsung smartphones and tablets into Russia without obtaining the company’s consent.

Customers living in Russia are having trouble getting new Samsung phones

According to the report of the Moscow Times, even despite the implementation of these measures, apparently the Russian smartphone market is in a state of helplessness and potential customers in many regions of the country are unable to buy Samsung or even Apple smartphones.

During the second 3 months of 2022, the amount of demand for smartphones in the Russian market decreased by 30% compared to the same period of the previous year and reached the lowest figure in the last 10 years. Now Merlion, as the main distributor of Samsung products, has announced that several factors have fueled the shortage of supply in the Russian market, including damaged logistics chains and problems related to budget restrictions for customs clearance.

The share of the Korean giant in the Russian market is by no means insignificant. In fact, Samsung is considered the best smartphone manufacturer in the Russian market and has a share of about 30% of this market. This figure is twice the share of Apple in the Russian market. However, if the inventory of handsets runs out in stores and sales stagnate, these numbers will not be of much importance.

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