Samsung filed a patent for a smartphone with a dual display and a transparent back screen


According to reports, Samsung is developing a smartphone equipped with a dual display and a transparent screen on the back panel. This Korean brand registered a new patent at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) in January this year. The patent information contains unique details about the design of the handset and shows the device design mechanism by Samsung.

Smartphones usually have a back panel with a flat design, and this panel houses a camera module and the brand logo. Now, according to the registered patent, it seems that Samsung plans to upgrade the creative design of its handset to a new level. The brand is considering developing a transparent display on the back panel.


According to the registered patent, the secondary display will be integrated with other parts of the back panel of the device when not in use. This display can be fully lit or partially lit as in the always-on display feature. This secondary display can be used to display designs and information in an overview, as well as selfie images using the rear camera.

Samsung’s patent filing for a dual display looks similar to the ZTE Nubia X smartphone. This handset was introduced earlier in 2020. However, this handset uses a higher transparency glass back panel to hide the regular display when off. On the other hand, Samsung’s new patent shows that this handset will be equipped with a real display on the back.

Although patent application is considered a real phenomenon; But Samsung’s plans for a dual-screen handset will probably never materialize.

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