Samsung filed a new patent for high energy efficiency display refresh rate


Samsung is developing new display refresh rate technology for mobile devices. A newly filed patent by the Korean giant describes a display technology that can apply different refresh rates to different areas of the display simultaneously. This feature can be considered the next evolutionary step in the field of display renewal technology for mobile devices.

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The Galaxy S20 was the first device to be launched with a fixed refresh rate of 120 Hz. Later, the Galaxy S21 Ultra and then the Galaxy S22 series used upgraded AMOLED displays with variable refresh rates. This means that the AMOLED panels used in the above handsets are able to automatically adjust the refresh rate depending on the content being played on the screen, thus helping to save battery consumption.


Now Samsung is apparently working on developing an evolved version of its variable refresh rate technology. According to the Galaxy Club website, the patent recently filed by this company describes a method for using multiple refresh rates for electronic device displays, in which case different areas on the screen will benefit from different refresh rates.

A step beyond variable refresh rates

In other words, Samsung’s future technology in the field of display refresh rate will probably enable the operation of a part of the panel of electronic devices with a refresh rate of 30 or 60 Hz and another part of it with a refresh frequency of 120 Hz. Theoretically, this system will provide the possibility of using a refresh rate above 120 Hz only relatively and in certain areas of the display; While other parts of the display display the content of the same scene with a lower refresh rate. This renewal rate technology can lead to better savings in terms of battery charge consumption.

It is worth noting that this patent was presented some time ago in early 2021; But yesterday it was published by the Korean institute KIPRIS. With this in mind, it is impossible to say when this technology will likely be available to the public. The Galaxy S23 series is a great candidate for using this technology; But the new technology probably won’t be ready for use until then. In addition, applying for a patent does not always mean that it becomes a real product. So now we have to wait and see if Samsung will be able to implement the new refresh rate technology in practice.

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