Samsung detailed the flagship features of One UI 5


While holding its annual developer conference, Samsung unveiled the company’s customized user interface based on the Android 13 operating system. Now all the details about the latest features available in Samsung phones have been announced in the coming weeks.

Samsung has confirmed that One UI 5 will be rolling out as a stable firmware update to a number of Galaxy flagships such as the Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 in the coming weeks.


The changes in the new user interface begin with the redesign of the lock screen. Thus, users are now able to make custom changes to the wallpaper, clock face, and color palette. The video wallpaper option is another attractive extension and allows users to place a short video on the lock screen of their device.

Samsung also offers new smart suggestions for widgets and apps based on user usage patterns. The Routines feature in One UI 5 has new diagnostic options that help start automation. Modes is a new feature that allows the user to schedule custom settings and app features for different parts of the day (for example, during exercise or when he goes to sleep).

Lock screen options in One UI 5

Bixby Text Call is Samsung’s answer to the Google Screen calling feature. This feature allows users to contact each other via text messages when they don’t want to talk. When you answer a call using Bixby Text Call; This issue is communicated to the person on the other side of the connection. Next, you can type the text you want to be played by Bixby and at the same time transcribe the other person’s statements in written form and instantly.

Smart suggestions for widgets

Currently, the Bixby Text Call feature is available for users living in South Korea, and according to the plans, the English version will be released in early 2023. Now the Samsung Gallery application allows users to extract the text in the recorded images inside the photos.

In addition, the new menu of connected devices and the privacy hub along with security dashboards have been made available to users. Also, Samsung has added a new notification to the sharing panel. This notification when the user wants to share photos containing sensitive information such as his passport or bank card; He warns him.

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