Samsung denied the rumors about stopping the development of Exynos chips


Samsung has rejected speculations about stopping the production of Exynos chips. Some rumors suggest that the Korean company will stop using Exynos chips in its flagship devices by 2023 or 2024. It is also further argued that Samsung will subsequently stop the production of its native chips. However, a newly published report in South Korea, citing Samsung, stated that these rumors are fundamentally false.

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Samsung’s statement was published during the press conference of the second quarter of 2022. During this conference, Samsung explained its performance during the second 3 months of this year. Samsung has announced in its statement that it has not stopped the business of producing Exynos chips and is trying to develop the competitive power of the Exynos brand. Samsung has announced that it hopes to provide the initial platforms to strengthen the company’s share among key customers through cooperation with other business units.


According to reports, Samsung is developing a premium processor for its Galaxy S series. In this regard, the Korean giant has created a specialized team called Dream Team including more than 1000 engineers. The team is working on the development of the new advanced Exynos chip. However, some rumors suggest that the efforts to release the current premium chip of the Galaxy S series have caused Samsung to delay the release of the new Exynos chip.

The new Galaxy S series chip will be released in 2025. Therefore, the future phones of the Galaxy S23 series will only use the Snapdragon chip. Samsung once again emphasized that it intends to continue its investment path by analyzing the market outlook and global demand in the medium and long term.

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