Samsung became the first seller of 3nm chips in the world


Samsung held a special ceremony on the occasion of the launch of its first set of 3nm production chips using GAA transistors. This event is at the site where the company’s V1 production line is located; held. The mentioned production line is located in the Hwaseong campus located in South Korea.

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In this ceremony, about 100 people, including senior officials of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of South Korea and all the key employees of Samsung who played a role in the development and organization of the mass production of new generation chips; were present During the event, Samsung outlined its ambitious goals to advance innovative technologies and become the world’s top chip maker.


According to the announcement of Samsung Foundry, cooperation with 2 other Samsung units, manufacturing companies and infrastructure partners made the development of the 3nm process not to face certain technological obstacles.

Samsung has started shipping its first batch of 3nm chips, marking an important milestone in its history.

Samsung’s 3nm chips use GAA (Gate-All-Around) transistor technology. Compared to the previous generation FinFET technology, this technology has higher energy efficiency and better performance. The new technology will be used to produce processors designed for servers, data centers and advanced chipsets for smartphones, tablets, wearables, laptops, desktop computers and other electronic equipment.

The company started the development process of GAA transistors in the early 2000s and in 2017 used them for the first time to produce 3nm chips. After years of research and testing, the production of new ideas began. The 3 nm chips produced by Samsung will be specifically provided to a Chinese company active in the field of mining.

TSMC, as Samsung’s main competitor in the contract semiconductor manufacturing market, will begin the process of manufacturing its 3nm chips in the fourth quarter of 2022. These 2 companies will compete with each other to receive production orders from customers such as AMD, Nvidia, MediaTek, Apple and Qualcomm. However, we will undoubtedly see the release of more details about the development of 3nm chips in the coming weeks.

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