Samsung and Qualcomm have extended their chip cooperation agreement until 2030


Yesterday, Qualcomm announced that it has agreed to extend its patent licensing agreement with Samsung for another 7 years. The extension of the agreement ensures that Samsung’s future Galaxy devices and personal computers will be allowed to use Qualcomm technologies such as chipsets and network equipment manufactured by the company until the end of 2030.

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To be more precise, Samsung and Qualcomm have extended their patent license agreement for network technologies including 5G, 4G, 3G and the future standard 6G. In practical terms, this means that for the remaining years of the current decade, customers of Galaxy devices can expect to use Qualcomm networking chips and components in most Samsung smartphones and tablets.


Therefore, the field of cooperation between the two companies will go beyond the mobile market; Because Samsung is completely free to use Qualcomm’s hardware in its various product groups, from smartphones and tablets to personal computers and virtual reality and augmented reality devices.

Dr. TM Roh; The president and manager of the mobile experience business unit at Samsung Electronics announced: “Qualcomm’s innovative technology has played a central role in the development of the mobile industry. The collaboration between Samsung and Qualcomm has been going on for many years and these agreements represent our close and long-term strategic partnership.

Samsung will mainly use Qualcomm technologies for its flagship Galaxy S23 series

The cooperation between Samsung and Qualcomm has also covered the field of Snapdragon chips and this mutual interaction will not be limited only to the use of network technologies. Although Samsung has announced that it will not abandon the use of native Exynos chips; But apparently, the Galaxy S23 series will only use the Snapdragon flagship platform.

Approximately 70-75% of Galaxy S22 series devices that have been released worldwide; They are equipped with the Snapdragon 8 generation 1 chip, and the CEO of Qualcomm recently announced in an interview that the future models of Galaxy will largely lean towards Snapdragon chips. .

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