Samsung aims to sell more than 40 million TV sets next year


As one of the largest TV manufacturers in the world, Samsung aims to sell more than 40 million TV sets by 2023, according to new reports. This prediction is made in order to ensure the consolidation of Samsung’s superior position in the TV market. Although the Korean giant believes that it can increase the sales of its televisions to 40 million units next year; But the slowness of economic growth in this area during the next 3 months will turn the realization of the mentioned goal into a serious challenge.

However, despite the unfavorable conditions, Samsung should be optimistic to ensure its leadership in the TV industry. Of the 40 million television sets expected to be produced, about 39 million units will be equipped with liquid crystal displays (LCD). Samsung also plans to produce 1.5 million QD-OLED TVs.


Samsung, like LG, has no plans to produce or supply white OLED (W-OLED) models. Currently, W-OLED models are exclusively produced by LG Display. Samsung supplies LCD panels for its TVs through CSOT, HKC, LG Display, BOE and AUO.

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According to Samsung, the supply of display panels from the Chinese company CSOT will have a higher priority compared to BOE. Among the mentioned suppliers, the Chinese company CSOT, which is one of TCL’s subsidiaries; As Samsung’s biggest business partner, it will provide the Korean brand with about 10 million units of display panels, according to The Elec website.

Also, Samsung’s support for CSOT is much higher compared to BOE; Because the Korean giant has differences over marketing contracts with BOE. In addition, one of Samsung’s subsidiaries named Samsung Display is among the shareholders of CSOT and has already sold its factory in Suzhou to its Chinese partner. Considering all these things, CSOT will undoubtedly have the upper hand compared to other supplier competitors.

At one point, BOE was the second largest supplier of LCD panels for Samsung TVs. However, the existence of continuous disputes along with other factors has caused BOE’s position in Samsung’s contract supplier portfolio to decline to some extent. In addition to these differences, Samsung is trying to diversify its supply chain of LCD displays; Because the widespread spread of the corona virus in the world has caused a serious blow to the television industry.

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