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Sifu game has been able to attract a lot of attention from the first day it was introduced. The game reminded one of the happy days of PlayStation 1 and 2 and games like Rise of Honor Jatley and Jackie Chan, and this was the reason why many old gamers of the Beatup genre were attracted to its different trailers and counted the moments for its release. But now that the game has been released, has it been able to meet expectations? I will answer this question in the text of Sifu game review.


  • Genre: Fighting game, Beat ’em up, Action-adventure game
  • Release date: February 8, 2022
  • Platforms: PlayStation 5Playstation 4Pepsi
  • Game Publisher: Sloclap
  • Manufacturer: SloclapMicroïds
  • Game Mode: Single
  • Game age: Suitable for 17 years and older

These days, there is less work in the world of video games that has a specific task. After the release of Witcher 3 and the great success of CD Project with its release, many game developers turned their attention to role-playing elements and tried to use them in games that did not need such elements at all.


In my opinion, this is a big problem, and not only does it show that the manufacturer’s task was not clear when designing the mechanics, but it also causes the element of innovation in the games of the day to disappear and we face many repetitive games throughout the year. .

However, Sifu is one of those games that is quite self-explanatory. The creator knew what he was looking for and implemented each of his ideas so well in the heart of the gameplay that the result became a heartwarming effect for the audience.

Sifu is a simple bitmap game in appearance; An obsolete work in a genre that gamers have not approached for years for fear of being rejected by the audience.

However, Sloclap Studios, which featured the average Absolver game, injected an intriguing idea into if Sifu’s gameplay mechanics, making the game appealing to the audience from the start.

In general, you get older every time you die during Sifu hand-to-hand combat. As you get older in the game, however, it means that your health bar decreases but your kicking power increases.

However, the game’s aging mechanics are not something you want to joke about. Sifu has a death counting system that counts your deaths at any given time. Since the game has a higher level of difficulty than other works we are experiencing these days, it is unlikely that you will die several times during a battle.

Game battles literally evoke the feeling of being in the uniform of a professional kung fu player.

So instead of making you one year older with each death, the game adds to your tradition of the number of consecutive deaths. For example, if you die three times in a row in a fight, the game will make you 3 years older, and this cycle will continue as long as you do not fight the elites and defeat them. By defeating each elite mob, your number of deaths will be reduced by one unit and you can prevent your age from rising rapidly to some extent. But if you do not prevent this, you will eventually have to completely lose your life by the seventh decade of your character’s life and you will have to start over.

The bad thing is that after a complete death, you lose all the points and abilities that you have released in the game skills tree and you have to get them again. Therefore, the game has a heavy penalty for you to give you a little bit of excitement to become more professional during the fights. When you sit down to experience Sifu, game mechanics inadvertently encourage you to keep your tradition down. So that even from one place onwards, the game will be like a rogue game for you and will put you in a position to try harder and finish the game without death and at the lowest age.

Interestingly, the game itself supports this decision with its own methods. For example, by completing each stage, you will get keys that open in a series of shortcuts of the same stage or previous stages. Therefore, the game allows you to go back to the previous steps and use these shortcuts to shorten the time to complete them. It goes without saying that using shortcuts also means less conflict with the game’s stubborn enemies, and this in itself can help you prevent your character from aging.

More interestingly, when you unlock all the shortcuts and become a little professional in the game, then you can finish the game without even a single death in less than 40 minutes; Just like Ruglake games. The game itself, with its many hidden items and two different endings to display, will tempt you to try Sifu several times in a row. The value of excessive repetition of the game is one of the most important factors that make Sifu from a normal game to an attractive and valuable effect.

The point is, you can finish a full 5 hours of Sifu, even in the worst of circumstances. But the game by planting the idea of ​​”try to finish the game at a younger age” makes you sit in the game for 15 hours like me and still not be satisfied with the record you have left. This is exactly the miracle of Sifu; The game makes you lose control of your time and reminds us years later how exciting the experience of bit-up games was and what a pity that they are empty these days.

Now consider this fascinating experience, eye-catching art graphics, engaging music, and simple storytelling that seamlessly intertwine all elements of the game to see what a perfect Sifu experience it is. The only serious problem with the game, in my opinion, is its camera. The game camera is too close to the character under our control in some scenes, and when you approach the walls or columns, you can no longer accurately detect the punches and kicks that are thrown at you. Other than that, I really enjoyed every moment of the Sifu game experience and I hope you feel the same way after playing it.

Sifu has been tested with the PC version code provided by the game developer to Vijiato.

In short,…

Sifu is a complete bit-up game for the modern age where this fascinating sub-genre is dead. Sifu fascinates you with its eye-catching graphics, engaging music, acceptable storytelling, and most importantly, stages that are worth repeating hundreds of times, and keeps you entertained for hours. Aging characters every time they die is a pure idea that the Sloclap team has been able to use Sifu to bring out a complete and valuable game to experience. Therefore, Sifu will be an ideal experience for people who are interested in action fighting games and also enjoy a bit of a challenge.

I buy it

Sifu is one of the best action games of the last few years and it can definitely be a great experience for people who are looking for a game full of excitement and challenge. Sifu is definitely one of the best games of this year with its colorful and glazed graphics, attractive music and stages that are worth repeating over and over again, and you should not miss it.

I will not buy it

Sifu is a hard and challenging game and its experience is not highly recommended for people who do not have the patience for such works. However, I suggest that you sit at Sifu’s feet at least once; Maybe you changed your mind about such games altogether.


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