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Until last year, maybe few people knew about car cameras or dashboard cameras; Fortunately, with the increase in awareness and importance of users to the safety and security of the car and its passengers, the use of this equipment has increased a lot. In this article, we are going to examine the features and capabilities of one of the smartest car cameras ever produced.

This car camera can greatly increase the safety of your life and property by using different sensors that have artificial intelligence. If you are interested in following the news of artificial intelligence used in security equipment, be sure to go to the page CCTV Visit the camera market website.


Checking the image recording features of the smart car camera

The Nextbase 622GW car camera is one of the smart car cameras that has almost all the features the user needs. Among the features of this camera are: 4K image quality, emergency call, smart parking mode, GPS, image stabilization, optical image zoom, etc. The lens of this camera is more protruding than other car cameras, but still You can install this camera wherever you want in the car.

Touch screen: The screen of this camera is 3 inches and you can watch live video recording on this screen or make your desired settings in the car camera. The camera is attached to the windshield by a magnetic base; Therefore, if needed, you can easily separate the camera from the base. You can also get these magnetic bases separately.

Camera storage: Images are recorded on mirco SD memory. (Of course, there is no RAM inside the camera pack and you have to get it separately.). The camera lens has a viewing angle of 140 degrees. Also, the lens is equipped with a polarizing filter to minimize the reflection of the glass in the images.

High quality images: The ability to record 4K images allows images to be recorded at a speed of 30 frames per second, and with optical image stabilization, the quality of your image is guaranteed, and you will have clear and transparent images both in daylight and at night. Of course, you may have problems playing 4K quality movies on your mobile phone, which will be solved by lowering the image quality during playback.

Functional settings related to recording: You can also set the camera settings so that videos are recorded in one, two or three minute increments. Also, the camera has a red button that you can press to make sure that the last minutes of the recording are protected in a special way. Using this feature you can mark scenes when you crash. This feature is available to you for free in the first year you purchase the camera.

Checking camera viewing angles: this Car camera It has the ability to add other cameras to it if needed, so that, for example, you can monitor the back of the car. By installing a camera in front of the car, the position of the passengers (front and rear seats) is recorded along with the sound.

The rear view of the lens is telephoto, which is used to show the position and details behind the car cabin. In order to have the best viewing angle from the back of the car, it is better to install the camera on the rear window. Of course, keep in mind that rear cameras usually record images in 1080p quality.

Check out the unique features of Nextbase 622GW

Of course, many of the features and capabilities that we will introduce to you in this section are also found in cameras of popular and famous brands such as Xiaomi, Hikvision, Dahua, etc., but you don’t want all these features in one car camera. Found; But the remarkable thing about the 622GW camera is that all the required and necessary features are present in this camera.

Connecting the camera with the user’s mobile phones: The camera is connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can also install the camera application on your mobile phone. If you intend to download the recorded images of the car camera, you can transfer them at a high speed with a direct Wi-Fi connection.

GPS Internal: This camera has a built-in GPS that can show your exact location on the map and road while displaying images on the monitor. If you install this car camera in a place where you can see it, using this feature you can see your latitude and longitude as well as your speed in real time.

sensor G Force: When you park your car and turn it off, the 622GW camera also turns off everything except the G Force sensor. This sensor stays on with the help of the battery that is placed inside the camera. If a certain position is detected by the G Force sensor, all cameras will turn on and start recording for 30 seconds.

SOS Emergency: This feature is an optional service that you can charge on a monthly basis. With the help of this Emergency SOS feature, when the camera sensors detect that an accident has happened to your car, emergency calls are made by connecting to your mobile phone.

This communication is established in such a way that the mobile phone first asks you if you are okay and if you need emergency services to be dispatched to your location or not. And if you click on the “I’m fine” option. Do not click, emergency services will be contacted. Even if it is not possible to call, your location will be automatically sent to emergency services.

The final words of Durbin Market

As we have mentioned this topic, you may find the mentioned features and capabilities in other car cameras as well, but the exceptional point of this car camera is that this camera, unlike other car cameras, has all these features as a provides the user at once. In fact, artificial intelligence researchers in the production of the 622GW camera by collecting isolated features in different car cameras have released an exceptional and complete camera in terms of artificial intelligence capabilities to the market.

Of course, the negative point of this camera is its very high price. It’s true that the Nextbase 622 is expensive, but it’s worth every dollar you pay for it. If you are looking to get a good car camera, you can get a very high quality Xiaomi car camera for a third of the cost of the Nextbase 622 camera. To buy and check car cameras of different brands, go to the camera market website at the address See.

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