Removing RighTel’s greeting, canceling RighTel’s greeting song permanently and guaranteed


A few years have passed since the introduction of the welcome song service and some operators have activated the welcome song for their subscribers. By playing the song of your choice, the background song of Raitel or Rainwaaz will make the wait more pleasant for the people behind you. However, some of you may want to remove your own theme song. In this article, we will teach you how to delete your Riteel ringtone. Join us.

Removing the background song of Raitel:

Raitel’s welcome song, or Rainwaaz, is one of Raitel’s services, which plays your chosen song to people who call you instead of the waiting beep. Listening to the welcome song is much more enjoyable than hearing the sound of the mobile phone beeping. However, due to the cost of the intro song or the repetition of your intro song, you may want to delete your intro song. In this case, just follow the guide below and cancel your background song.


How to cancel Pishvaz or Raynavaz Raitel song:

To cancel the welcome song service of your Rightel SIM cards, it is enough to send OFF RBT to the number 2020. Be careful that if your phone has two SIM cards, be sure to send OFF RBT to number 2020 with your Rightel SIM card.

How to remove the background song of Raitel
Send OFF RBT to number 2020 using your Rightel SIM card.

By sending this SMS, the ringtone of your Rightel SIM card will be successfully deactivated.


Pishvaz song service is one of the services of mobile operators that makes waiting for a call better and more pleasant for the audience by playing music instead of beeping. Raitel’s own background song service called Rainawaz is offered to Raitel users. Now, you may want to delete this service due to reasons such as lack of interest in listening to music, the cost of the Rinvaaz service, or not liking your Rinvaaz music. In this article, we discussed how to remove the song of Pishvaz Raitel. If you intend to disable your Rainwaz, just use the above tutorial and delete your Rainwaz service.

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