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As you know, Apple’s WWDC 2021 World Developer Conference was held a few days ago. This event, unlike other Apple events that we see during the year, is related to the software. Apple unveiled the new features for new version of their operating systems such as iOS 15, iPadOS 15, MacOS Monterey at this event.

It’s time to look at the new version of the MacOS operating system called MacOS Monterey. In general, the MacOS Monterey operating system has seen fewer changes than its predecessor. However, the new features added are very practical and impressive. To get acquainted with the updates and changes in this operating system, follow MAZHD:

1_ Universal Control feature in MacOS Monterey

In general, Apple at macOS Monterey has tried to increase the compatibility and integration between its various devices with the Mac family. The Universal Control feature is a good example of this policy. This feature, which can be called the most interesting feature introduced at WWDC 2021, allows users to use their MacBook or iMac mouse and keyboard to control the iPad.

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To activate the Universal Control feature, just place your iPad and Mac system side by side. Then you can use it in the iPad environment by moving the mouse pointer towards the iPad. Universal Control is not limited to two devices side by side, and users can put several devices next to each other and control them all with one mouse and keyboard. Users can also move different files between different devices by dragging and dropping. For example, you can save a Photoshop file you created on your iPad to your iMac memory.

2_ Safari browser changes in MacOS Monterey

One of the applications that has been redesigned and changed extensively in the MacOS Monterey update is the Safari browser. In the Safari browser update, items such as toolbars, tabs, and address bars are displayed in a more compact design. This allows users to have more space when surfing the web. Also, the color of the top of the Safari browser changes based on the color of the heading of the site you are visiting.

Another addition to the safari browser update in macOS Monterey is the Tab Group option, which allows users to group tabs that have a common theme. This feature can greatly help people manage their tabs. Also, all the changes you make in the Tab Group section will be saved across all your devices.

3_ Add shortcuts to MacOS Monterey

Shortcuts is an application released for iOS users. But now users in macOS Monterey will also be able to use this program. Of course, Apple developers have included a large number of shortcuts in the MacOS Monterey operating system by default. However, users can add more items to this list and customize the shortcuts if needed. Apple officials also said that despite the addition of shortcuts to the macOS Monterey update, the operating system will still support Automator, and users can add the shortcuts they created in the program to the Shortcuts application.

4_ AirPlay to Mac capability in MacOS Monterey

AirPlay to Mac is another feature of the macOS Monterey update, designed to make Mac systems more compatible with other devices. With this feature, users can share the various items they see on their iPhone and iPad directly with the MacBook or iMac display. For example, with the AirPlay to Mac feature, you can view your drawing that you drew on the iPad directly on your MacBook screen.

Of course, AirPlay to Mac is not limited to displaying content on the screen of Mac systems. Users can also use this feature to play their music or podcast via MacBook or iMac speakers. It is also possible to use the speakers of these devices as a secondary speaker.

5_ Notes program changes in MacOS Monterey

Notes is another application that has undergone changes to the MacOS Monterey operating system. One of the added features of this app is the Quick Note feature, which allows users to take notes while they are in another app. For example, when you are browsing the web, you can use the Quick Note feature to write down what you want. The good thing about this feature is that by reopening the app where you wrote Quick Note, your note will be displayed again. Quick Note notes are also automatically saved on all user devices.

The next item added to the Notes program in the macOS Monterey update is the group note feature. This feature is very useful for office activities and team projects. Users can share a group note with their colleagues by mentioning them so that they too can edit the post. Moreover, users can also view changes made by other users to the post through the Activity Viewer.

The next feature of the Notes application in the MacOS Monterey operating system is related to tag support. Users can now categorize their notes using various tags. This feature also helps them search for notes. In addition, the Smart Folder feature, another variation of the Notes app, automatically places user posts in various folders based on tags.

6_ Focus capability in MacOS Monterey

Focus feature is another feature added to the MacOS Monterey update. As the name implies, Focus helps users focus on important tasks. Users can use this feature to filter notifications and apps that distract them while they work.

Users can also specify the type of activity they want to focus on in the Focus feature. They can also add new items to the Focus list. Enabling this feature will only display notifications and apps for users that are related to their activities or have already been authorized. Focus can also be enabled intelligently. For example, when you go to work, the device can turn on Focus mode automatically by specifying your location.

Focus is not limited to the MacOS Monterey update, and other Apple operating systems such as iPadOS 15, iOS 15 and watchOS 8 also benefit from this feature. When users enable the Focus feature on one of their devices, this feature automatically turns on on other user ids.

7_ FaceTime changes in MacOS Monterey

Another program that has undergone many changes in the MacOS Monterey update is the FaceTime application. Changes in FaceTime have now made it one of the best programs for holding online meetings, so it can be considered a serious competitor to applications such as Zoom, Skype and Google Lens.

The first change in the FaceTime app is related to the way members are displayed in group conversations. The new mode, called Grid View, displays the members of the conversation as a table next to each other. The FaceTime app also now supports portrait mode. By activating the portrait mode, the background environment disappears and the users’ faces become the center of attention.

The next thing that has been added to the FaceTime app in the macOS Monterey update is the Spatial Audio feature. Based on machine learning, this feature can distinguish the user’s voice from the surrounding sound and allow users to eliminate background noise. This feature allows users to make their voices heard more clearly and naturally in noisy environments. There is also another feature called Wide Spectrum that works exactly the opposite of Spatial Audio. Enabling this feature enhances the surround sound and allows users to share their surroundings with their audience on Facebook.


In addition to these two, another new feature of the FaceTime app added to the macOS Monterey update is called SharePlay. This feature allows users to share various items such as music, video, podcast and screen of their device during face-to-face conversation with their audience. Also, the SharePlay feature is not limited to Apple native apps, and app developers can add this feature to their apps by expanding this feature. With this action, users can also share the content of these programs with their friends during a face-to-face conversation.

Users of non-Apple devices can now join the conversation via the Facebook conversation link. Apple officials have announced that the FaceTime app will now be available for Android and Windows users. A web version of the program will also be introduced. What we’ve mentioned about updating the FaceTime app is not limited to macOS Monterey and will be available for other Apple operating systems as well.

8_ Other items added to the macOS Monterey update

In addition to the things we have mentioned so far, the macOS Monterey update has seen other changes that will not be without merit.

Another program that has undergone a major redesign is the Maps application. The app now has a 3D map of the globe that also supports night mode. Urban data and details have increased dramatically in the new version of Maps, and different areas of the city, such as bus stops, pedestrian lanes, bike lanes, and so on, are now well-defined.

The next feature added to the macOS Monterey update is the Live Text feature. In this feature, your MacBook or iMac Neural Engine will be able to recognize the text and numbers inserted on the images. For example, you can select the store number in the image and call that number directly from within the Photos app. It is also possible for users to save this number directly in their contact list. Of course, Live Text applications do not end there, and users can use this feature to identify subjects in the photo, such as the flower race.

The Spatial Audio feature that we discussed in the FaceTime changes section will also be enabled for the AirPad Pro and AirPad Max on Mac systems equipped with the M1 processor. Other additions to the macOS Monterey update include new security features in the Mail and Applications section. Users can now view the data used by the applications and the resources to which the data is sent. Also in the Accessibility section, new settings have been created for personalizing the mouse pointer and keyboard settings.

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