Registration of Iran Khodro November 1401 + registration site and sales system


It was just a few days ago that Iran Khodro Company Sales registration He started his cars. Those interested can form Online Registration View the products through the website of this company.

In this plan, Iran Khodro has tried to sell five products named Tara In both manual and automatic models, Dena plus manual turbocharger Plus one Six-speed gearbox And Electric steering, Dena plus automatic turbocharger And Rana Plus use.


Those who are interested can visit Iran Khodro’s online sales site for four days from the fifth of November at the address Visit and if you are interested, put your favorite car in the initial registration stage.

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The lottery ceremony is supposed to be held no later than three days after the end of the registration period. In addition, the representatives of regulatory institutions are also supposed to be present in this ceremony. The lottery will be held in the conference hall of Iran Khodro’s vice president of marketing and sales.


Vehicle code

Amount of advance payment on account (in Rials)


Delivery time

Hand Tara 322 1,180,000,000 Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Gray, Ebony Black, Silver September 1402 and October 1402
Automatic tare 323 1,660,000,000 Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Gray, Ebony Black, Silver September 1402 and October 1402
Dena plus manual turbocharger plus a 6-speed transmission and power steering 704 1,445,000,000 Gray, white, black September 1402 and October 1402
Dena plus automatic turbocharger 707 1,595,000,000 Grey, White, Ebony Black, Titanium Silver September 1402 and October 1402
Rana Plus 610 860,000,000 Gray, white, black, silver Mehr 1402

Three groups that include normal applicants, eligible mother applicants under the Family Protection Act and holders Cars worn out Those who had participated in the plan to replace used cars, can register in this plan and sell their car in advance.

Fifty percent of Iran Khodro’s car production capacity is going to be allocated to support the family and the youth of the population. In addition, ten percent of the production capacity will be allocated to the plan to replace worn out cars. All the restrictions that were in the previous plans will also be present in this plan.

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