Reading Raeesi’s speech before the election about the Internet and virtual space


In this article, we will have an overview of the comments of Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, the President of the country, about the Internet and virtual space before the presidential elections.

Disruptions, outages and extensive restrictions are rampant in the Internet space of our country and the virtual world. The situation of many businesses that were stable on platforms like Instagram is as pathetic as the state of the country’s economy.


in the article “In condemning a repeated mistake“, from digital currency to the embassy and post office, we dealt with all the businesses that have encountered problems and experienced huge losses.

Considering the same situation we talked about, we will read a series of promises and speeches of Ebrahim Raeesi, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which you can also watch their video. Ebrahim Raisi said all these things before the 1400 presidential election in his debates and propaganda films.

“Virtual space: the field of people’s business”

Let’s start with Ibrahim Raisi’s promotional video for the 1400 presidential election. This video was recorded at a time when talks and news about the protection plan were spread on cyberspace and the Internet, and Ebrahim Raisi comments on the same issue.

The president, who is against the plan to protect the internet, calls cyberspace “The field and tools of people’s businessHe reads and points out that people earn money on it. He raises this question critically:

Finally, someone will come to close people’s place of income?!

He talks about the experience of his daughters on the Internet and their convenience to buy cheaper and more suitable goods, and also recounted the use of the Internet in daily life. As you can see in the video below, he claims to have said several times that cyberspace should be expanded.

In the continuation of this promotional video that was recorded for the 1400 elections, Raisi talks about his Instagram page and says that every night he looks at his comments, which according to him, some of them are about his speeches in different places and some are about problems.

“We are behind in cyber space!”

The next video that we will look at is a part of the debates of the presidential candidates in the 1400 election. Ebrahim Raisi, as one of the candidates, talks about the Internet and virtual space and believes that the country was behind in this field, as it should and perhaps, nothing had been done and the infrastructure was also problematic.

An interesting part of his talk is aimed at teenagers and especially gamers, and he points out the problems of high ping and low internet speed. He asks gamers how often they get frustrated with slow internet while playing, and then concludes that the infrastructure isn’t right. We suggest that you visit this article: Filter online games: Kalaf Duty, Fortnite, CS:GO and Dota 2 are the new victims of filtering!

He goes on to target researchers and point out the problems they may face, such as cutting off access to external sources, mainly due to filtering. In this regard, we suggest the article “The story of values ​​that burns in filtering!Read “

Raisi talks about the problem of creating content in cyber space and women’s rights that have been lost, such as housewives who create content in cyber space at home. As you can watch in the video below, he talks about his personal experience and his 2 million followers to say that he has a connection with people active in cyberspace and that way he becomes aware of their problems.

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