Qualcomm intends to return to the server processor market


Qualcomm is looking to return to the server processor market; A decision made based on Nuvia’s recent developments. Qualcomm acquired Nuvia last year. Nuvia itself is developing chips based on ARM architecture. These chips will likely have faster performance and higher energy efficiency compared to AMD’s Epic series processors and Intel’s Xeon series. However, after Nuvia’s merger with Qualcomm, there was no talk about the release of server processors.

Now, Qualcomm has decided to try its luck again in the server processor market. The success of Ampere Computing and dealing with its achievements is probably one of the reasons for making such a decision on Qualcomm’s part. Ampere Computing provides its production products to Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure platforms and servers of Gigabyte, HPE and other companies.


In addition, AWS has its own Graviton Arm processors. This company uses the third generation of server processors; But according to news sources, the attention of the cloud service has been drawn to Qualcomm’s new server chips. Therefore, the expansion of the server processor market and the emergence of a new player in it will be likely in the near future.

As a reminder, it should be noted that a few years ago, Qualcomm launched Centriq 2400 server processors; But with the American company focusing on mobile chips in 2018, the process of developing Qualcomm server processors was stopped.

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