Private investors and their role in creating innovations in the health sector


How does Lean Capital develop healthcare businesses?

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The development of societies is not possible without the presence of healthy citizens; For this reason, in any advanced society, the issue of health and health is one of the important and main priorities of policy makers. The importance of the health sector, especially in recent years and with the passing of the corona virus epidemic, has become more visible and tangible for everyone.


The health sector, like any other sector, is facing increasing challenges such as increasing treatment costs, lack of fair access to doctors in different regions, lack of specialist doctors, and issues like this. In the meantime, phenomena such as the gradual aging of the population and diseases caused by the unhealthy lifestyle of citizens have also increased and created bigger challenges in different societies.

Various solutions have been used to solve these challenges. The link between health and technology has created new and innovative phenomena such as digital health and telemedicine.

The use of these new and technological solutions has shown its effective consequences gradually in different parts of the world by increasing the quality of services, reducing costs and expanding the level of access to medical services.

The positive and constructive results of startups and companies active in the field of digital health have led to significant growth in the amount of investment in this sector over time. According to the statistics of the Healthtech Institute, the amount of investment in the digital health sector in 2021 has grown by 79% compared to the previous year and has reached a remarkable figure of 57.2 billion dollars. Forecasts indicate that the value of the digital health market will reach about 600 billion dollars by 2026.

According to cbinsights, only in the first quarter of this year, 6 new unicorns (companies with a value of more than one billion dollars) have been added to the world’s largest digital health startups.

The pristine and extensive capacities of the health sector have made this sector the third most popular industry among the industries favored by private investment companies.

Health sector investors in Iran

The health industry is a specialized and expensive field, and centers and organizations related to it mainly face the problem of lack of financial and human resources; For this reason, intra-organizational innovations happen less often in this sector.

The presence of capable and expert investment companies in this field can help solve these challenges to a great extent. In Iran, as a private investment company, Lian Capital has supported promising companies and start-ups in the field of health and food industry, and in this way, so far, it has supported businesses such as Doctor Doctor, Humka, Hilia Farmed, Adrian Salamat, Zaidasht and Mehrgiah. It has supported cash investment and transfer of knowledge and experience. Each of these companies with the support and investment of Lian Capital have succeeded in providing valuable services to the citizens of the society while developing their business.

In addition to investment, Lian Capital, relying on its experienced human resources, helps businesses to determine strategy and strategies, target market, operations and growth, how to offer products, manage and improve financial processes, recreate structures and develop human resources. These guides can travel the path of their growth and development with more confidence and speed.

Lian Capital Company is a private group that invests in mature and start-up businesses in the fields of e-health, healthy food and beverage, nutritional and beauty supplements. The main focus of this collection is on investing and creating added value in private businesses, in order to develop and grow them as much as possible.

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