Premium account and game money trends of the entertainment market


Many foreign services offer useful features in the form of a premium account to earn money from their program, application or site. This monetization model is a popular method among game and software service providers and paid users of apps and services. In a similar way, gamers also provide the income of the game makers with in-game purchases and game money, in addition to increasing the fun and excitement of the game.

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These days, premium account and in-game money are the trends of the entertainment and education market in Iran, which have received a very warm welcome from users and players. By purchasing in-game money, you can play and enjoy for hours, and by using premium accounts you can; Advance in the fields of education, music and sports. Of course, due to sanctions in Iran, it is not possible to use these two options easily. But the sites that provide these services are available in Iran to provide you with these facilities without any hassle and without the need for challenging and dollar-based payment solutions.


Premium account and in-game money are two shortcuts for Iranian gamers and users

First of all, what is a premium account and what are its uses? How to get the paid version of the applications without any trouble? What are the most popular game currencies? How to buy game money? We will answer these questions below.

What is a premium account?

Premium accounts are actually user accounts with different subscription fees for different software, which you can pay for to use most or all of the software’s features. A software may have a premium account as well as a free account, which differ in terms of the level of access to the software’s features, or it may only have a premium account. Some services such as: Netflix, Spotify, Grammarly and TradingView have a variety of subscription accounts. This means that each of these accounts have special features and are offered in various price and time ranges. For example, Spotify users will benefit from the ability to store unlimited songs and will be able to save all their favorite songs and albums.

Variation of duration of premium subscriptions

It is better to know, more than 80% of premium accounts are not permanent and you have to buy subscriptions in different periods of time. Of course, if you wish, you can get your desired premium account on a weekly, three-month, six-month and one-year basis. Usually, the longer the validity period of a premium account increases, the monthly subscription price decreases and it is more economical.

For example, if a premium account costs $12 a month, you’ll pay about $9 or less per month for a one-year version. For example, unlike services such as TradingView, Spotify offers only one type of premium account with credit periods of one month, three months, six months, and one year.

Advance faster by purchasing in-game money.

In recent years, various and widely used premium accounts in the fields of movies and series, education, sports applications, etc. have entered the world of technology. For example, the premium account of YouTube, Duolingo, Grammarly and Skillshare, which are among the well-known and popular educational accounts in this field.

purchase game money; A way to progress faster

You must have come across terms like in-game purchase or in-app purchase in front of many mobile applications and games. The most common purchase for games is the purchase of game money, which is known by many names and expressions in each game. Many programs and games have the possibility of in-game or in-app payments. You can buy money, coins; gold; Rock; Yosi; Dollars and… buy the game you need. Buying in-game money is directly related to the type of game. In the Clash of Clans game, there are four types of payment sources, which are Gold; elixir; Dark Elixir and Gem are among them, and Gem is of the highest importance. Or in the Call of Duty game, Call of Duty CP is the common virtual currency and credit in the Call of Duty game. By purchasing CP, you can make your character stronger than before, customize your weapons, or participate in group events in the game.

Enjoy foreign services with a premium account.

The expansion of the use of mobile games and the widespread acceptance by mobile gamers of the way of receiving services, i.e. in-game purchases, shows the success of this service model in the large community of gamers.

Problems with buying a premium account and game money; The common pain of Iranian users

Due to international sanctions and the impossibility of paying in dollars by Iranian users, it is not possible to buy game money or premium account by paying in foreign currency and buying directly. The premium account and the purchase of game money are for more efficient and professional use, and of course more unlimited features that are embedded in a specific service or application. Due to the limitations and problems that exist for direct purchase and use of the mentioned facilities, some service providers have come to help Iranian users by focusing on providing low-risk and high-speed solutions in this field.

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