Predicting Ripple’s future; Investigating the reasons for pumping and reaching the price of Ripple to 3 dollars


Ripple digital currency is pumping again, and some predictions consider its future price to be $3; But what is the reason and how likely is it?

The most important thing to know about the future of cryptocurrency Ripple Considered, its legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission! If Ripple wins this battle, there is no doubt that the pump and its potential to reach 3 dollars It will be more.


Right now, Ripple’s current price for trading is approx 0.475 Dollars and equivalents 15 thousand 600 tomans Is. Over the past two days, Ripple has been the best performer among the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, with a 9.5% intraday gain.

Ripple is now going through a rally to reach the channel $0.50 Is. Ripple’s sudden surge over the past two days was a bit of a thrill in a market where Bitcoin and Ethereum have remained roughly flat. It is said that the main factor behind this rally is the Ripple token (XRP), the same court and Ripple’s legal case against the US Securities and Exchange Commission that we mentioned. In addition, various conversations and discussions in the virtual space around Ripple and XRP have helped this pump.

LunarCrush XRP Social Engagement

According to the report LunarCrush which is a platform for tracking and reviewing digital currencies, social interactions around Ripple currency in the last three months between people, 38 percent has increased while the total number of people has increased by 8 percent.

The future of Ripple digital currency

If we want to take a look at the future of the Ripple cryptocurrency, we can see that the analyzes of various sources report that the price trend of Ripple will continue to rise. It looks like the next channel to look forward to. $0.55 Is. If XRP’s bull trend is to continue, Ripple’s bulls should be prepared for the relatively long-term future. 3 dollars See too!

The fact that Ripple’s digital currency has traded above $3 only once in its history is not very important. This happened in 2017 at the height of the crypto bull market when Ripple hit a record high on Bitfinex. 3.3 dollars Receipt.

In the meantime, in a research by the site Kaiko done, it is said that the negative funding rate in Ripple futures means interest in short trading among traders of the token. As you can see in the chart below, the positive funding rate was accompanied by a huge increase in open profit, which in less than a week from $211 To $445 Receipt!

Keiko chart of Ripple

Kaiko also speculated about the legal case that Ripple is currently involved in. Keiko believes that while it is possible that the US Securities and Exchange Commission could tighten the conditions for cryptocurrency companies, it cannot completely destroy a crypto project. It is written in the report as follows:

We don’t know how the SEC case against Ripple will end, but XRP has proven so far that the SEC has the power to make it harder to buy a token, but the ability to destroy a project. does not have

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