Post company’s big loss due to the internet cut and the closing of Instagram stores


According to the CEO of Post Company, the income of this company has decreased to a third in recent days.

Mahmoud Liai, the CEO of the Post Company, recently announced that due to the disruptions, the company’s income has decreased to a third, and this shows that a third of the postal shipments and transactions were done through the international Internet and foreign platforms. .


He pointed out that in the last few weeks, due to disruptions in the Internet, most of the transactions that took place on virtual platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp have been closed, and he stated that the company’s income has decreased to a third due to the decrease in postal transactions. Is.

Liai says that the top managers of the country have been trying for years to encourage businesses to be on domestic platforms so that they do not get into trouble if problems such as sanctions or filtering occur, but now these methods have not worked and this issue has created many problems for the country’s economy. Is.

Not long ago, the Tehran Electronic Commerce Association, in a statement criticizing the problems caused by filtering, announced that cutting off access to Instagram has put more than 400,000 businesses at risk of destruction and the livelihood of more than one million people with serious problems. has accompanied

Also, according to the NetBlocks report, the interruption of the Internet in Iran causes a financial loss of one and a half million dollars every hour, equal to 49 billion Tomans, in this way, while three weeks have passed since these disruptions, the financial loss, which is mostly directed at the private sector, 25 trillion Tomans is approaching.

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