Porsche is ready to return to the Le Mans 2023 competition.


Porsche has released new images of its latest fighter to compete in the WEC and Le Mans endurance races. The new generation of Porsche racing supercars will be presented in the new LMDH class. Porsche as the world’s most successful automaker In endurance competitions, he will re-enter the competitions from 2023 competitions after a few years of absence, and for the first time he intends to Use the artificial fuel it produces to power its new racing car.

Porsche Le Mans 2023

It seems that Porsche intends to V8 engine dAnd use turbo to participate in this class.


The new V8 engine has a larger volume than other engines and Ability to produce 670 horsepower Will have.

But the main point of using Synthetic fuel produced by Porschehost.

Porsche Le Mans 2023

Porsche uses this fuel dramatically Reduce CO2 emissions will give.

LMDH class Unlike LMH class in which Toyota and Peugeot will compete. Its rules are based on the chassis. In fact, participants can only get their racing car from 4 companies.

Porsche and Audi as representatives of the large group of Volkswagen Multimatic chassis Will use.

Porsche Le Mans 2023

Other areas, including aerodynamics and propulsion, will not have this major constraint, and companies can use their own propulsion, body design and proprietary lights.

All participants in the LMDH class are required to use an electric motor as a hybrid component And the maximum power should not exceed 670 hp.

Porsche Le Mans 2023

LMDH vehicles are able to compete in the WEC and IMSA World Endurance Series.

Porsche will be present in both series of competitions.

The LMDH class will become the most competitive and attractive part of endurance competitions. Acura, BMW and Ferrari are other carmakers that intend to enter the competition from 2023.

The LMDH and LMH classes with weaker budget limits are weaker and slower than the former LMP1 vehicles.

Porsche Le Mans 2023

Previously, Porsche was turbocharged with a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine and a special hybrid system with a maximum power of 1000 hp. He participated in these competitions.

There have been rumors of Lamborghini attending this class before. If this news is confirmed, 3 sub-groups of the large Volkswagen Group will participate in this competition.

Porsche is the most successful company in the Le Mans competition, followed by Audi.

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