Pavel Dorf: Iranian users occupy 70% of Telegram usernames


According to the announcement Pavel Dorf, CybersquatterIranians occupy about 70% of all Telegram usernames.

Cybersquatter It is said to those who occupy usernames, domains or any useful or famous internet addresses and keep them reserved. The reason for this is usually that they can later sell that specific internet address to the company or person that the corresponding username is occupied by.


Especially when a platform just becomes famous and popular. Cybersquatting It happens widely. That is, some users occupy all addresses and specific IDs in the hope of becoming famous by it or selling it.

Pavel Dorf, the owner and founder of Telegram, said in his last message on his Telegram page that Iranian users have created a “graveyard” of dead and inactive usernames. This issue disturbs the search results of users and does not allow users to choose the right username easily.

Pavel Durov's channel is the owner and creator of Telegram

“Users who have attempted to purchase these reserved usernames have mostly either not received a response or have been scammed,” Dorf noted.

Telegram is fixing the problem

The owner and founder of Telegram promised that the Telegram team is trying to fix this issue. They have already dissolved the Telegram addresses of channels that have been inactive for more than a year so that those usernames are now available to others. The Telegram team intends to make 99% of these addresses and usernames free and usable for others.

Auction for smooth usernames with NFT!

Telegram for usernames that are 4 letters (eg bank@ Or game@) or fluent usernames, such as storm@ Or royal@, will hold an auction! This auction is on the blockchain platform and with NFT is done

Pavel Dorf says that this will make the new owners of these usernames, since they paid a lot of money for it, appreciate these channels more, use them properly and provide appropriate content to Telegram audiences.

Dorf wrote about this:

I know this will disappoint those who occupied Telegram usernames, but it will benefit the majority of our users. I am very much looking forward to seeing how many millions of unique Telegram addresses will be recovered and finally put to the service of the community.

At the end of this message, Pavel Dorf added a link also announced to users. That is, from now on, in addition to using self after the phrase “/” in the form of “” and create your own link, you can put your username before the phrase “» Put your link in the form of «username.t.mebe made

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