OnePlus Ace Pro is coming with Snapdragon 8 Plus 1st generation chip



OnePlus 10T will be introduced on August 3. In addition, the Chinese company will unveil a new version of its proprietary user interface called OxygenOS 13 on the same day. According to predictions, this smartphone will be equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Plus 1st generation chip; But this handset probably won’t be the only OnePlus gadget equipped with Qualcomm’s flagship platform.

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According to a leaker with the ID Digital Chat Station, a device called OnePlus Ace Pro will also use the latest and greatest Qualcomm chip. Also, this handset is equipped with 16GB of RAM and will support 150W fast charging technology. Considering the history of this brand in using 2 different names for a smartphone to sell it in the domestic and foreign markets, we can almost safely guess that the OnePlus Ace Pro is actually the OnePlus 10T.


If the above assumptions are true, we can conclude that OnePlus 10T will probably support 150W fast charging; A unique feature that is currently only available in a handful of smartphones produced by a completely independent brand called Realme. The use of 16GB of RAM is good news for all OnePlus fans. So far, none of the Chinese company’s handsets with such a high capacity of RAM has been released to the market. This means that the OnePlus 10T will join a limited range of smartphones with such a large capacity of RAM.

It is also possible that OnePlus Ace Pro and OnePlus 10T are two completely different handsets. However, even if we ignore the policy of changing the name of OnePlus; In this case, the limitations of the supply chain and production in the entire industry will cause doubt in the ability of the Chinese company to develop 2 separate flagships at the same time.

Leaked rendering of OnePlus 10T

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