One UI 6 will bring seamless updates to Samsung Galaxy phones


Samsung unveiled the One UI 5.0 user interface and new features for Bixby, Samsung Knox, SmartThings and Tizen while holding its annual developer conference in 2022. After this event, one of Samsung’s executives provided more information about One UI 5.0 release plans and features under development by the company for the future version of One UI.

Hyson (Sally) Jeong; The senior vice president of Samsung Electronics and the head of the One UI development unit announced while talking to the Android Authority website that the company is looking to release a stable version of One UI 5.0 for almost all of its compatible high-end smartphones by the end of 2022.


According to him, Samsung Galaxy phones will benefit from integrated updates next year. Currently Samsung handsets do not have integrated Android update feature. This means that every time a firmware update is received and installed on the device, users will not be able to use their handset for 10 to 20 minutes.

Ms Hyson confirmed that Samsung is working on the ability to receive seamless updates for Galaxy phones and tablets. He expressed his hope regarding the presentation of this feature as part of the One UI 6.0 update next year.

With the release of Android 13, Google required the creation of A/B virtual partitions for smartphone manufacturers. So when a new firmware update is released, this update will run in the background on a ROM partition that is not currently in use; will be installed. When the phone reboots; The latest version of the firmware is launched directly from the partition and thus the update process is completely integrated.

During her interview with the Android Authority website, Mrs. Hayson talked about TouchWiz, Samsung Experience and One UI interfaces. When Ms. Hayson was asked about the possibility of Samsung switching to a new software interface; He replied: “I think that One UI is here and at least as long as I am active; This link will also remain. He has worked with the Korean technology giant for 25 years.

One UI will not be available for Chromebook devices and Samsung smart TVs equipped with Tizen OS

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Currently, One UI runs on Samsung smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Also, some design elements of this user interface are used in Samsung laptops equipped with Windows 11 operating system. However, Ms. Hayson confirmed that One UI will not be available for Chromebooks and Samsung TVs. He also noted that the difference in the design of One UI and the raw Android user interface will continue; But the companies will use the features and facilities provided by each other as much as possible.

The executive director of Samsung claimed that the company has worked very closely with Google’s Android team and plays a significant role in the development of various features of the raw version of Android. Over the past years, the company’s Multi-window and Galaxy Themes features have been included in the original version of Android. Also, the cooperation between the Korean company and Google has become closer since the release of Samsung’s foldable phones.

Samsung’s longer software support is part of the company’s efforts to strengthen the stability of its products

Over the past few years, Samsung has significantly improved its software update support for its products. At one point in time, the performance of the Korean giant in this field was considered normal; But now, considering the number of major updates that this company releases for its mid-range and high-end smartphones; Samsung’s performance seems even brighter than Google’s.

Samsung’s executive acknowledged that aside from consumer trust, Samsung’s new commitment to regularly releasing updates also ties in with the company’s approach to sustainability. If users use their handsets for a longer period of time; In this case, the amount of waste production will also be reduced and Samsung’s overall impact on the environment will also be moderated.

Ms. Hayson pointed out that Samsung uses very efficient processes for software development and testing, which is why it has managed to quickly release updates for all of its manufactured handsets.

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