One of the free features of Telegram has become paid


According to the report of the Telegram Info website, the Telegram messenger has recently attempted to monetize a standard feature; A feature that was available in the past without the need to purchase a subscription. Currently, users will be able to send messages in chat from channels only if they pay for premium subscription.

Currently, all accounts without active premium subscription are not able to write comments or messages in groups from a channel. In fact, these actions can only be done through the personal accounts of people.


This feature was previously available to users without the need to purchase a subscription. A news source close to Telegram’s development team announced that spammers have misused this feature, and that’s why the messenger has decided to transfer this feature to its paid subscription.

The Telegram Info base issued a statement and announced: “Comments sent by channel user accounts make up to 80% of spam in groups and comments. The managers of the groups asked for the complete deactivation of this feature; But instead of completely deactivating this feature, we decided to make it available to our premium subscribers. This will reduce the number of spams and at the same time prevent the feature from being removed completely.”

Previously, Pavel Durov had assured all users that all the functional features of Telegram remain free and in the future many new and free features will be available to users.

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