On WhatsApp and Instagram, we see classes for crime, indecency and promiscuity


Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, the Attorney General of the country, pointed out the limitations of foreign platforms before the people’s business is dependent on these spaces in the conference on the role of elites in Jihad.

Montazeri said in this ceremony: The goal of our enemies is that we do not have a powerful Iranian and that Islam does not rule in this country, they want Iran to submit to the West and have a milking cow like during the Pahlavi era.


Referring to the fact that we were thinking about the cultural invasion and the creation of a national information network much earlier, he said: I wish that the time when the leader of the revolution discussed dealing with Cultural Invasion They had emphasized the creation of a national information network in the virtual space, we were taking action.

State prosecutor referring to Criticism of Azari Jahormi Regarding the filtering of social networks, he said: Today, the person who was responsible for creating this network in the past is gone Twitter filter He questioned the internet, I wish there was a meeting and a debate so that I could prove with clear evidence that he is involved in this crime..

Referring to the fact that people’s business on Instagram has faced problems, the Attorney General of the country stated: “It should be done when people’s business is still on Instagram.” Cyberspace was not, we were farsighted so that instead of using external programs and with the help of young people’s thoughts and ideas, Create an internal network We used to do this, these shortcomings, mistakes and deliberateness in not paying attention to the emphasis of the Supreme Leader, have brought us here today, where in Whatsapp And Instagram Witness holding classes for Crime, immorality And promiscuity to be.

He said: that in the currents of these days, the youth 16 They have been present for years, it is because of the virtual space, they are trapped and do not know what is hidden in reality and behind the scenes..

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