On the occasion of World Charity Day, the amount paid by Snap to charities was doubled


On the occasion of celebrating World Charity Day and with the aim of promoting good work and supporting charities, Snap doubles the amount of its payment to charity projects for 2 days. On the 14th and 15th of September, Snap will pay 8,000 Tomans for every 2,000 user points to charity projects active in SnapClub or its customer club.

In 2012, the United Nations General Assembly named September 5, corresponding to 14 Shahrivar, as World Charity Day. The main purpose of announcing this day is to raise public awareness and provide a common program for the creation and operation of charities around the world.


Since April 1400, 9 charity projects have been implemented in various fields, including support for people with disabilities, support for women affected by violence, support for homeless children, educational support for underprivileged children, development of rural infrastructure in Snap Club. Customers club users have also contributed to the progress and success of these projects by donating their points. Users have participated in these plans a total of 1,110,213 times and have donated their points in this charity work, and Snap has paid 4,878,434,000 Tomans to charities so far.

Public relations of Snap company, while appreciating the good participation of users and their trust in the charity projects of the customer club, announced: “It would not have been possible to carry out continuous and diverse charity projects without the participation and cooperation of charities and powerful foundations and the trust of our users. We warmly shake their kind hands and congratulate them on this day who are on the front lines of fighting against the problems of society and arresting people.

Charities and non-governmental organizations can send their proposals for cooperation to Snap’s corporate social responsibility email at

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