Nokia and Ericsson announced their withdrawal from the Russian market


Many western companies have already left the Russian market and this decision comes from various reasons. In fact, some companies leave Russia at the request of their governments; While some others are unable to continue their normal activities due to sanctions. Now, Nokia and Ericsson are the last companies that plan to leave Russia.

According to a Reuters report late yesterday, these companies will gradually reduce their business activity in Russia over the next few months. Ericsson previously announced in early April that it would suspend its operations in Russia for an indefinite period. On the other hand, Nokia made a more stubborn decision and announced that it will leave the Russian market completely.


The Nokia spokesperson announced on Monday of this week: “By the end of 2022, the vast majority of Nokia employees in Russia will move from this country. We have closed all our offices in this country; But until the end of the legal contracts, we will maintain our official presence in this country.”

Nokia and Ericsson announced their decision to leave the Russian market earlier

Earlier this year, Ericsson sent its Russian employees on paid leave. This Swedish company has budgeted about 95 million dollars in order to compensate for the depreciation of the assets and other special costs related to the transfer. The number of Ericsson employees in Russia is about 400 people. This company issued a statement and announced that the affected people will benefit from financial support.

On the other hand, the number of Nokia employees in Russia is almost equal to 2000 people. According to Nokia’s announcement, the company’s remaining activities in Russia include limited maintenance of critical networks in line with contractual and humanitarian obligations.

The Russian newspaper Kommersant first announced the news of Ericsson’s departure from this country and claimed that some of the company’s support employees joined a new company founded by Russian managers; will be transferred. Ericsson has not commented on this matter. With the complete withdrawal of Ericsson and Nokia from Russian territory, the dependence of the country’s mobile operators, including MTS and Tele2, on the Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE will increase. However, 2 Russian telecommunication companies have also refused to comment on this matter.

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