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New Telegram update released: Easy making of video stickers and new reactions


New Telegram update, easy to build Video stickers, New responses with shorter animations and more emojis, provide users with easier switching between chats and a few other features to enhance the messaging experience.

Video stickers

Easy making video stickers in the new Telegram update

Telegram video stickers must be less than 30 KB in size. Until now, however, making these stickers required technical skills and access to advanced software such as Adobe Illustrator. Now with this conversion update Ordinary videos it is provided with a sticker so that everyone can easily make their own video stickers.

Better reactions

Better reactions in the new Telegram update

Telegram is now equipped with the ability to respond briefly. Of course, you can still keep your finger on the reactions to use long reactions. In addition, the reactions are just like the interactive emojis now Sync and the audience can see them at the same time as you.


Because reactions, in addition to expressing emotions, are a kind of response and can confirm or deny the content, they are considered to be read. Now when you enter a chat where you have an unread message, a button similar to unread quotes appears that allows Message reactions See yourself.

New reactions and interactive emojis

New interactive emojis in the new Telegram update

The new Telegram update includes 5 new reactions and you can use them as interactive emojis. If you send these emojis in a chat and tap on them, you can get their full screen effect Simultaneous See with the audience.

Access to recent chats

Access to recent chats in the new Telegram update

The new version of Telegram allows you to hold your finger on the button Back Return to a specific chat. You can now add chats to your recent chat list by opening chats with forwarded messages, links, usernames, and profiles.

Small Telegram optimizations

Low tab animations in the new Telegram update

Telegram developers spend a full two weeks Bug fixes The company’s applications have. They increased the quality of calls, functionality Translation Brought to Instant View pages (and Bio on iOS) and the ability to send Message silent Added to the sharing menu. In the iOS version, you will now see short animations by tapping on the options in the menu icons at the bottom of the screen.


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