New statistics on the popularity of the iPhone among teenagers


iPhone smartphones continue to be popular among teenagers. According to Piper Sandler and according to the statistics published by this company, 87% of the teenagers who were researched and asked owned an iPhone, and 88% considered Apple smartphones as their next choice.

According to these statistics, the popularity of iPhone phones has doubled in a 10-year period. In other words, in 2012, the penetration rate of Apple smartphones among teenagers was about 40%. As you can see in the picture below, the popularity of the iPhone has increased year by year.


However, Apple’s smart watch has not been able to have the good statistics of the company’s smartphone among teenagers. Only 31% of the teenagers in this study had an Apple Watch. Of course, considering that only 38% of the studied teenagers said that they use a smart watch, it can be said that the market is in the hands of Apple in this field.

The Piper Sandler company announced that to conduct this research, it has studied and researched about fifteen thousand teenagers from 47 American states with an average age of 15.8 for ten years.

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