New Microsoft accessories were introduced with the aim of improving the quality of online meetings


Microsoft’s new accessories to improve the quality of hybrid (combined) meetings were unveiled at the latest event of this American technology giant.

Microsoft Audio Dock and Microsoft Presenter Plus remote controller are new tools that users can use to improve the quality of hybrid meetings. It should be noted that this tool includes the TEAM certificate.


New Microsoft accessories

First, we see the Audio Dock in Microsoft’s new accessory, which is actually a versatile speaker with Pass Through Charging technology. This product will have one HDMI port, one USB-A port and two USB-C ports. Using HDMI and USB-C, two monitors can be connected to it, and the transient charging technology with support for a maximum power of 60 watts will be suitable for most laptops on the market.

Microsoft Audio

Audio Dock offers its users Dual-Facing dual microphones that support additional noise reduction. At the top of the product is the mute control, which clearly shows the status of your audio system. Thanks to such features in Microsoft’s new accessories, you can be sure that when needed, the sound of the speaker is completely turned off and avoid any embarrassing events that may happen during a meeting.

In the upper part of the Audio Dock, we see a key that can be pressed to attend meetings quickly; Also, this button can be used to announce attendance in meetings. This accessory is a great help to prevent the computer desk from getting messy and will prevent various problems that arise due to the increase in the number of connections and wires.

Microsoft’s new accessory includes a remote controller called Presenter Plus, with which users can easily participate in group meetings at home or at work. Also, it is worth mentioning that this product will be compatible with applications such as: Power Point, Prezi and Keynote.

Microsoft Presenter

If you need to present and explain something during your meetings, the Presenter Plus controller will significantly reduce your effort. Thanks to this controller, you can easily manage some basic activities such as changing slides, turning off or connecting your voice and pointing to some parts of the content by pressing a few buttons.

Now the question is, how stable is the Microsoft Presenter Plus connection, and is it possible to move away from the device and still manage your presentation using the controller? In response, it should be said that this controller supports Bluetooth connection and its connection will be stable up to a maximum distance of 10 meters.

Unfortunately, the release date and final price of this new Microsoft accessory have not been determined; But we can be sure that there is not much time left until the announcement of the price and release date of Audio Dock and Presenter Plus.

Finally, it should be said that due to the spread of the Corona virus in recent years, most businesses and even the way people communicate have undergone extensive changes. These changes have made people more inclined to communicate and even hold official meetings online. For this reason, it can be said that Microsoft’s new accessories are widely welcomed by users around the world.

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