New information about the limited access period to foreign platforms has been published


Mohammad Khavansari, the head of Iran’s Information Technology Organization, revealed new information about the limited period of access to foreign platforms.

According to Khansari, by the order of some competent authorities, access to some foreign platforms and applications has been temporarily limited, but people’s needs are met by using electronic services and the capacities and internal messengers, and there is no particular problem.


The head of Iran’s Information Technology Organization announced in a televised interview: the needs of our people in using electronic services, whether those with domestic site services such as buying and selling, internet taxis, banks, financial services, health services and electronic prescriptions, etc. are related or the needs that exist in the form of communication services using the capacity of built-in messengers, applications, widgets, and built-in mobile applications are not a particular problem.

He added: In the field of government services, through the window of the government services unit, electronic government services are being carried out smoothly.

In this interview, in response to a question regarding the conditions and activities of IR domain websites and mobile applications and software, Khansari clarified: Mobile applications and websites that are in the IR domain continue their activities without problems and without any problems or restrictions. In addition, in the field of international services, the international internet is available without any problems, only for some foreign platforms and platforms, restrictions have been temporarily imposed by the order of the competent authorities, and according to the rules and regulations, their work is temporary and limited. will be done.

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