New details of Intel’s Meteor Lake series processors have been released


Intel’s next generation processors will be equipped with fewer processing cores compared to the current generation models of the Raptor Lake series. According to leaked documents from Intel, Meteor Lake-S processors will include desktop models equipped with up to 6 large processing cores and 16 small cores. Therefore, the number of big cores in the top new Intel processors will be 2 less than the flagships of the current generation of this company (and almost all flagship models of Intel in recent years).

All processing cores in Meteor Lake series CPUs will be designed based on new architectures. To be more precise, large processing cores will use the Redwood Cove architecture and small cores will use the Crestmont architecture.


However, reducing the number of nuclei, which ironically also have a large size; At first glance, it may be considered as a strange decision. This issue becomes even more strange when we know that the Meteor Lake series processors will use the 7nm Intel 4 process technology for the first time; A phenomenon that theoretically can help increase the number of processing cores.

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Arrow Lake series processors will be released after the Meteor Lake family and will be an improved version of the previous generation. Arrow Lake series processors will once again be equipped with 8 large processing cores; While the number of small cores will remain at 16.

Also, reports indicate that the integrated GPU used in both series will be equipped with a maximum of 512 computing units. At the same time, it is expected that the graphics cores used in Arrow Lake series processors will use a new architecture.

Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake series processors will use a new socket. This socket is now known as V. According to predictions, the first processors of the Meteor Lake series will be launched at the end of next year. In the meantime, we will witness the release of the first Intel processors based on chiplet design in this category. These processors consist of several different chips; Chips that Intel refers to as tiles.

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