Netblox’s report on yesterday’s internet disruptions in Iran; From Shiraz to Qom!


The NetBlocks report of Iran’s Internet has not been different from what we expected. In this article, we will have an overview of the NetBlocks reports of the internet disruptions and outages in Iran.

netblocks, is a non-governmental organization that monitors the freedom, access, disruptions and outages of the Internet in the world and publishes different reports from different parts of the world. You can report NetBlocks from Mobinnet internet outage read the


For these few weeks, Iran has been a suitable subject for NetBlocks, which monitors the Internet of the whole world, and the reports of this media from our country are what we are experiencing; Termination, disruption and limitation!

NetBlocks 4 days before the complete shutdown of the Internet Sanandaj to that Zero percent He had also published a report, the image of which you can see in the cover photo of this article; But now let’s take a look at the reports of this source yesterday.

Yesterday’s first report of NetBlocks, which was published in the morning, was Shiraz It turns out, where the disruption in an operator is so great that their Internet access index to only 10 percent it is arrived! As always, you can see the metric image of this report in NetBlocks tweets.

NetBlocks report of internet disruption in Shiraz, Iran

The next victim is Qom and an international Islamic university! According to published metrics, Al-Mustafa International Islamic University in the city QomThe next victim was the complete interruption of the Internet. As you can see, the connection and access of this university to the Internet had reached zero. In this NetBlocks report, in addition to the news about the internet outage at Al-Mustafa University in Qom, there is also a reference to numerous cyber attacks on Iranian government officials and authorities.

NetBlocks report of internet disruption in Qom Iran

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