Netblocks informs about the interruption of Mobinnet internet


Mobinnet internet outage is not a new issue; But according to NetBlocks reports, Mobin Net Internet has faced a widespread outage and disruption in the past day, and users were deprived of the Internet!

netblocks is a non-governmental organization that monitors Internet freedom, accessibility, disruptions and outages and provides authentic and live reports.


Naturally, over the past few days, reliable and up-to-date news from NetBlocks Widespread mobile internet disruption and fixed internet in Iran, the availability of some services and Fitler InstagramWhatsApp, Skype, LinkedIn and…

NetBlocks in its latest report, from outages in the Internet Mobin Net reported and showed the widespread and universal disruption of this ISP with a real-time metric picture of the availability of this Internet service provider.

Netblocks report of Mobinnet internet outage

The momentary metric picture that NetBlocks published of the status of Mobin Net yesterday showed the amount of access of the users of this provider to the Internet. 10 percent it is arrived!

The users of this service provider had mostly published their angry tweets on Twitter, most of which could not be republished. Most of them had reported several hours of outage and some said they didn’t even have internal internet! Many people were angry about the fact that Mobin Net nationalized the internet earlier than other fixed internet service providers and cut off their access to the international internet! There were even more angry users who Anonymous hacker group They requested to hack Mobin Net due to outages and disruptions in the service!

Mobin Net support team has not yet given any reaction or answer to this issue and no reason has been provided for this issue. The Instagram comments of the Mobin Net page are also made up of the comments of users who complain about their internet being cut off; Of course, except pinned comments (Mobeen Net has a habit of pinning the comment that praises this service under each of its posts so that it is displayed above the rest of the comments).

It is not a matter of anyone what will happen to the subscription or the volume of users who were able to use their internet due to these disruptions and widespread problems of Mobinnet Internet. Will there be news about the compensation package? Does the compensation package “compensate” anything at all in terms of value?

If you are also using the Mobin Net Internet and you have experienced outages or disturbances during the past days or especially on Sunday, the third of Mehr, in the section Comments Share your experience with us.

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