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Why travel with Snap for the following people 18 The year is not allowed?

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Traveling with Snap or other internet taxis is based on an agreement between the passenger user, the driver user and the intermediary platform, and like any other agreement, the parties are required to be aware of each other’s duties and mutual rights and comply with its rules.


Snap security measures

Snap internet taxi tries to improve the security of both groups of its users by providing technology-oriented solutions and considering measures. In this regard, Snap has entrusted Naja with confirming the qualifications of its driver users, and the “travel safety” feature has been added to the Snap application for immediate follow-up of emergency cases, and since about a year ago, in cooperation with Snapdoctor’s psychology department, a “psychological test to improve mental health” has been implemented. “Snap driver” users have started on a trial basis.

Awareness and responsibility of driver and passenger users

Securing trips, in addition to Snap’s solutions, requires the support of both groups of its users. By complying with the rules, passenger and driver users can complement Snap’s actions and help improve the quality of travel and maintain its safety. One of the rules that need to be observed with the start of the summer season is the restriction of using this service for people under 18 years old.

Sometimes, the convenience, availability and security of internet taxis compared to other modes of transportation lead parents to use these services as their first choice. But all internet taxis in the world, including Snap, have mentioned in their conditions and rules that people under the age of 18 are not only not allowed to create user accounts in these applications, but they are also prohibited from traveling without an adult.

On the other hand, it is forbidden for driver users to pick up passengers under the age of 18, and they have been asked to refrain from such trips and inform Snap by selecting the relevant option in the reason section of the application.

Reasons for travel ban for the following people 18 Year

Travel ban for the following people 18 The year with Snap has several reasons; Their limited ability to use the app’s security facilities, their lack of attention to complying with important security matters such as matching the driver and car’s specifications, and most importantly, their ability to make decisions and react in emergency situations are among the reasons for banning these people from traveling with Snap. On the other hand, the journey of a person under 18 years of age without a companion puts double responsibility on the driver user. Even though all the drivers to operate in Snap from the side Police monitoring public places Naja Verification of Competency care and protection of children requires skills and experience that not all people have.

Therefore, Snap advises its users, despite the convenience, availability, and greater security of traveling with an internet taxi, not to use Snap for their child’s transportation in any way, and in situations where they cannot be with their child due to being too busy, an adult and bring another trusted person with him.

In the end, it should be noted that Snap, like other user interface applications, does not have the possibility of independently pursuing the cases that occurred during the trip, and in case of a crime, the parties must first refer to the judicial and law enforcement authorities. In this way, Snap will be with its users and will cooperate with judicial and law enforcement authorities in the process of handling user complaints.

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