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Digi-Kala has been known for its high prices for many years and the managers of this store have no plans to deal with the criticism of users in this field.

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The habit of people to buy from online stores in the country started with digital products. In fact, the young generation of the society, who were interested in digital products such as mobile phones, cameras or laptops, were among the pioneers of trusting the Internet and online shopping space and opened the way for other users to buy from online stores.


For this reason, until today, the sale of digital devices in online stores is more than other devices, and even online stores are active in this area more than other areas such as wooden accessories or fashion and clothing.

Digikala can be considered as a reference for online sales in the country, as you may know, the best-selling product in terms of Rial value in the Digikala store is also various mobile phone models. In fact, the main sale and the most profitable product in DigiKala is the mobile phone, which has a very high sales and the life of this store depends on its mobile department.

But Digikala does not monitor its mobile phone department as it should, and the strength of this store, which is the mobile phone sales department, has become a weakness for the entire mobile phone market in Iran.

Digikala, as its name suggests, was established to sell digital products, and mobile phones quickly entered the sales cycle of this online store. The good profit that Digikala has made from the sale of mobile phones over the years has made it become the most popular online store in the country and develop.

But this issue did not make Digikala managers care about their users as much as users care about them. Digikala has been successful in the field of selling mobile phones and many users trust this brand to buy mobile phones online, but this has made Digikala offer astronomical prices to buyers that are more expensive than the market. But what is the reason for this?

Digital goods are more expensive than the whole market

The state of mobile phone sales in Digikala has reached a point where you can hardly find a more expensive price than this online store. This is an issue that many users do not know, as we said, Digikala is considered as a reference for buying mobile phones online due to the popularity it has gained, that is why many users are looking for They refer to DigiKala for the price of a product, thinking that DigiKala will show them the real price of the product, but it is not like that.

Expensive sale of digital goods

All you have to do is compare the price of a mobile phone in Digikala with the price of other online stores, even comparing the prices of Digikala with some famous online mobile phone stores will make you realize how expensive Digikala is compared to other stores.

Today’s phones are sold in Digikala with an increase in price of at least a few hundred thousand tomans, this price difference in flagship and expensive models even reaches several million, and this difference is less among cheap and economical models.

Digikala always sells its phones more expensive than the market, this is a law and like the law of energy conservation, it will never disappear!

The example of DigiKala is an example of those stores that sell products at a reasonable price at the beginning of their business, but after they become famous, they oversell their products to people at a multiple price.

This expensive sale of Digi goods is if it does not offer special or special facilities for selling the phone, the provided facilities such as free shipping or payment on site are provided by most of the online stores in the country.

On the other hand, you buy the product from different sellers, and it is not known how reliable it is to buy from them, so the possibility of returning the phone is very high, which is also seen in people’s comments.

The excuse of Market Police is not acceptable

The high selling of digital goods is not only about the mobile phones of this store, the high selling of digital goods is one of the biggest criticisms that users always have about this store.

You see prices that are higher than the market in all sectors, including household appliances, laptops, wooden accessories, clothing and other sectors. In general, DigiKala has been known for high-priced products for several years, and unfortunately, it does not intend to monitor the prices of its market place sellers.

Of course, in many cases, even the products offered by DigiKala as a seller have a higher price than the market, and naturally, the excuse of selling Market Place is not accepted by DigiKala at all.

As a large and prominent online store, DigiKala should monitor the pricing of its products, a claim that DigiKala itself has announced that it does, but this is not the case on the surface. Unless we accept that Digikala does not have a problem with high prices in its store, and maybe even to keep the sellers happy, it is willing to increase the prices imperceptibly. For example, in the picture below, you can see that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with 512 GB memory in black color and with an 18-month Daria warranty is sold for 44 million Tomans, while the exact same phone model with the same color and specifications and even the exact same warranty It can be purchased in other stores with a price difference of more than one and a half million tomans!

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Digital goods sellers have added a fee on most of their items, a fee that appears to be related to the digital goods’ percentage of the sale, tax, or even the cost of packaging or postage. In any case, if you look at the prices of different products, especially mobile phones in Digikala, all products are more expensive than the original price of the phone in the market with almost a fixed price increase depending on the original price.

In fact, there is a rule in the high-end sale of Digi-Kala, which makes no seller sell his product at the basic and original price, and in most cases, Digi-Kala offers the lowest price for a phone, and other sellers either offer the price equal to or more than the price of the Digi-Kala store. They offer the goods.

Ignoring user criticism

The very negative and discouraging point is that Digikala does not intend to listen to the protest of users regarding the price and adjust the pricing of the product in this store. Unfortunately, users have been criticizing the pricing of products in DigiKala for several years, and nothing positive has happened in this regard.

Digikala Market Police, while creating a competitive market should reduce the price and increase the quality of services, so far it has caused an increase in prices and a decrease in the quality of services in a completely opposite way!

Every day, the number of users who are dissatisfied with the quality of DigiKala services is increasing, problems such as late package delivery, non-arrival of packages, poor support, sending the wrong package and sending fake products are among the most important problems faced by DigiKala users. And the service quality of this store has dropped significantly after the launch of Market Place.

As we mentioned at the beginning, unfortunately, due to the reputation it has gained, DigiKala is considered as a reference for pricing, and in many cases, the expensive prices of DigiKala increase the price in the market.

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Many users check the DigiKala site to check the prices of products in the market, and in this way, the expensive prices of DigiKala will be unwanted for them as the real price of the product. Similarly, in the market, many sellers have abused this situation and They increase their prices along with digital goods, and the prices of goods rise falsely. It may have happened to you that in the market, when you object to the high price of a phone, the seller cites the price of the phone in Digikala as an example!

Although Digikala is known as the largest online store in the country, there are many criticisms against this store, unfortunately, the lack of attention to these criticisms and the continuous decline of Digikala’s services has led to an increase in the number of users who join the ranks of critics of this store every day. to be Criticisms related to the over-selling of Digi-Kala are not only related to today and it has been a problem for this store several times, but perhaps the profit of Digi-Kala from this over-selling is much more valuable to its managers than the damage to the reputation of this brand. what is your opinion?

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