Mitsubishi XFC crossover version will be introduced soon + image gallery


The Mitsubishi XFC concept is a small crossover that was recently unveiled in the most populous city of Vietnam (Ho Chi Min City).

This car is very sturdy and has LED lights that are bright even during the day. They are mounted slightly lower to resemble the Mitsubishi taillights.


Bright hexagonal shapes are placed at the end of the car. If we look at the car from the side, we will see cameras instead of mirrors.

The interior is equipped with several screens side by side, which adds a lot of charm to this section. Climate controls are still offered separately, mounted on a capacitive touchscreen in the center console.

In the same area, there is a floating gear and stop/start button. The steering wheel is flat and has hexagonal touch buttons on it; These are used to mirror the HVAC module and controls on the interior of the door.

The interesting thing is that in this car, yellow cover is used in the front and rear seats. This contrasting color can be seen throughout the cabin.

There is enough space in the floor of the car and for the three passengers in the back of the car, the ventilation controls are also placed on a touch screen. Although this car is a small crossover, it offers a large interior space in the trunk.

Technical specifications of the Mitsubishi XFC have not yet been provided, but we have learned that driving this car on wet and slippery roads is not too difficult. Of course, with the XFC concept, you can easily drive on normal, sandy and muddy roads.

In the next production version, these bright lights and side cameras will be removed. Also, the two screens that are connected at the end of the dashboard will no longer exist in the new version; Their function is to record the videos that the car camera records.

Probably, Mitsubishi intends to use air vents in the model it offers for the road. The 20-inch wheels seem a little big for this car, and the touch controls are likely to be replaced with regular buttons.

Mitsubishi is going to sell its cars in the markets of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), including Vietnam, from 2023; That is, between April 2023 and March 2024. If the sales of this car are high, it is possible that the company will send it to regions outside Southeast Asian countries.

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