Minister of Communications: Instagram is not a suitable platform for investment in the country


Issa Zarepour, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, announced that the focus of this ministry is on the messengers that people had more luck than them.

In his new words, the Minister of Communications claimed that in the last two days, except for Instagram and WhatsApp, there are no restrictions on international Internet access. He emphasized that Instagram and WhatsApp have been closed for security reasons, but other restrictions on the international internet, which were imposed by the order of security institutions for security considerations, have been removed.


Zarepour reiterated that the current restriction is only for WhatsApp and Instagram, and these two platforms will be removed only by the decision of the competent authorities.

The Minister of Communications continued to make comments that increase the possibility of Instagram filtering becoming permanent, he said: A platform that does not recognize the Islamic Republic of Iran and plays a central role in riots and insecurity from time to time is naturally not a suitable platform for investment in the country. However, it is important to make other decisions about it.

Planning to support indigenous messengers

Referring to the plans made to gather native messengers, he said: There may not be a need for many messengers in the country, but we cannot abandon all of them at once, we are following a written program to help strengthen native messengers and finally Two or three messengers should be active in the country who can meet the needs of the people.

Zarepour announced the readiness of the infrastructure and the luck of the people as the two main elements to support messengers, although the Minister of Communications noted that increasing the quality of messengers in the recent period is one of the key things for the government to support a native messenger.

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