Migrating from Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro to iPhone 14 Pro is not very logical!


Ben Gaskin; He is one of the famous whistleblowers on social networks, who always shares concept images and interesting renderings of various gadgets based on various published information and rumors. Now he has shared his opinion about iPhone 14 Pro.

He announced by publishing a post: “As you are the owner of iPhone 13 Pro; In this case, you should know that the iPhone 14 Pro does not provide you with any new and different features except for the new notch design. The always-on display is considered an amateur feature. The new color model has an almost invisible appearance. The camera system is also the same as before; with the difference that the 2x zoom feature is considered a suitable plugin; But in general, it is not worth paying the higher price.”


In addition, he published a picture of the new iPhone 14 Pro smartphone with a broken screen. This fracture was caused by an impact to the area of ​​the front camera and the new Dynamic Island hole. To be more precise, the display of the handset is not damaged and only the glass on it is cracked. Therefore, the smartphone continues to function; But the visual part is severely damaged.

Also, Ben Gaskin once again shared with his audience a concept image of the iPhone 14 Pro that was released about a year ago (at that time, the existence of a notch with a new design in this handset was not yet confirmed). As a reminder, it should be noted that Ben Gaskin was the first person to publish detailed renderings of the iPhone X and other Apple products on the web.

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