Microsoft’s unveiling of the new and attractive features of DALL-E 2


In today’s event, Microsoft unveiled the new capabilities of DALL-E 2. Based on one of these capabilities, Bing search engine users will soon be able to generate their own images using Dal-E2. OpenAI, in collaboration with Microsoft, enables users to easily convert the desired text into an image by using the Dal-A2 intelligent learning machine.

This feature is more suitable for users who are looking for an image that has not yet been produced. This group of users can generate the image they need by referring to Bing and typing the desired word in the search box. Microsoft has announced that the technology used in this artificial intelligence is constantly learning and evolving and will show better results to users day by day. Of course, OpenAI has removed sexual and violent content as much as possible from Microsoft’s database so that this feature is not abused. This service will be available to users in a limited way in some countries in the coming weeks, and more regions will reach it in the coming months.


But Microsoft is not satisfied with this service and has designed an application called Microsoft Designer for Microsoft 365 using Dal-e 2. Using this application, users can easily design invitations, postcards and different images for social networks. Microsoft claims that this work is done only by typing the desired word and there is no need for graphic work and artificial intelligence will do all the necessary work.

This application works on the web and is available to users from today with limited features and capabilities. Microsoft has announced that this application will eventually join Microsoft Edge and will easily meet the needs of users in the field of graphic images.

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