Microsoft’s Surface Duo 3 is coming with a design similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4


Microsoft is apparently working on a successor to the Surface Duo 2. This hypothesis is based on a recently leaked design patent of the new Surface product. The device shown in the patent document probably belongs to the Surface Duo 3. This gadget has an interesting design and looks similar to Samsung’s new foldable smartphone.

According to the report of the WindowsLatest website, the American technology giant is probably looking to launch the new Surface Duo 3 model in 2023. It is currently unclear whether Microsoft is working on developing a Surface-branded handset. But previous rumors indicate that the new patent refers to the design of the Surface Duo 3.


A new Microsoft patent was recently discovered on the web and the documents attached to it show the design of a new device. According to the official description, the mentioned patent has been registered under the title “device with folding screen”. This issue is also clearly displayed in the images related to the patent. The patent was filed in 2021 and published in early 2022.

The mentioned patent shows a foldable phone with a different design compared to the first generation Surface Duo. The first version of Surface Duo is equipped with 2 separate screens that are connected to each other through a hinge; But this time, the company is busy making a device that uses a display with a flexible design.

It is interesting to note that Microsoft’s patent shows that the device’s display has the ability to rotate from 0 to 360 degrees. According to the images attached to the patent, it can be seen that this foldable gadget acts as a tablet in the open state and will play the role of a normal smartphone when the screen is folded. In other words, the design of this product is completely similar to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. However, it should be remembered that the displayed device is only registered as a patent.

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