Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Plus was introduced


It has been a few years since Microsoft launched a new product from its Surface Studio series of devices. While the recent rumors indicated that Microsoft Surface Studio 3 will be unveiled at today’s event, Microsoft surprised the audience by unveiling Surface Studio 2 Plus, as a kind of all-in-one computer from four years ago. has updated

This device will be equipped with 11th generation Intel processors called Core i7-11370H. Currently, we are talking about the 13th generation of Intel processors; As a result, the use of an 11th generation processor in Microsoft’s new device somewhat blinds the taste of its fans. In this regard, Pete Kiriakou, the vice president of the product department of Microsoft, has announced that the company was looking to release this product to the market as soon as possible, and for this reason, it has preferred to choose a processor that has passed the test. and make his fans comfortable with product performance.


But Microsoft has partially compensated for this disappointment in the field of processor by using Nvidia RTX 3600 graphics card. The RTX 3600 series comes with 6GB of VRAM. Kiriakou says about the choice of this graphics card: “In terms of graphics, this piece is the most powerful graphics card that has ever been used in Surface Studio devices; In a way that compared to the first series of this device, it is about five times stronger.” The use of this graphic card makes gamers happy, but the sad issue is that it is placed under the screen, which practically makes it impossible to upgrade the graphic card.

The screen of Surface Studio 2 Plus is 28 inches like its ancestor Pixelsense; With the difference that this panel supports Dolby Vision. The performance of this screen is still favorable and Microsoft can be given a passing grade in this regard.

On the back of Microsoft’s new all-in-one computer, there are three Thunderbolt 4 USB-C ports, which makes it easy for users to transfer information quickly. 32 GB of DDR4 RAM and a 1TB SSD are among the features of Microsoft’s new product.

The intended price for this product is 4299 dollars, which will reach 4499 dollars if the stylus, mouse and keyboard are added. This price has also raised the voice of the fanatical fans of Microsoft and makes the purchase of Surface Studio 2 Plus a dream for many.

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