Microsoft in support of Epic Games: Things will get worse if Apple is not stopped


Microsoft claims in a legal statement in support of Epic Games’s appeal against Apple that the case goes beyond the gaming world. Redmondians believe that if Apple’s monopolies are not stopped, the situation in the future will be worse.

According to the Apple Insider website, in the circumstances that Epic Games Continuing to seek a court ruling on a preliminary ruling that was largely in Apple’s favor, Microsoft has filed a lawsuit in support of Epic and spoken out against Apple.

This statement addresses Microsoft’s specific views on the legal, economic, and technical aspects of the case. As a software and hardware vendor, the company strongly supports antitrust laws. Microsoft describes Apple’s excessive power Gate control He says that the judge in the case made a mistake in issuing his sentence.

Microsoft in support of Epic Games against Apple

“Online commerce and interpersonal relationships are dramatically and sometimes largely limited to iOS devices,” Microsoft said. Few companies since AT & T’s monopoly of the telephony market have followed the market in the context in which this volume of economic activity takes place.”

Microsoft sees the court ruling as influential in other areas

“Apart from discussing the distribution of applications and in-app payment solutions,” says Microsoft, Adjacent markets Are also directly affected by this case. “Apple provides mobile payment services, music, movies, series, advertising, games, health tracking, web browsers, messengers, video calling, news, cloud storage, e-books, smart home devices, wearables and much more.”

Redmond residents claim that if the previous ruling is not changed, Apple will be safe from antitrust laws and will continue to Harmful behaviors It continues. Microsoft says this will hurt innovation. However, the interesting thing about Microsoft’s protest against Apple is that the gaming unit of the company has taken control of the Xbox console ecosystem in much the same way.

Apple is expected to respond to Epic’s appeal in March.


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