According to Microsoft CEO, Metaverse is like a video game


Ever since technology companies like Meta from Metaverse Known as a virtual 3D world where users meet people having an avatar. People says it’s like Video games. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also seems to agree with them, saying that Microsoft’s gaming experience will help them in Metavars.

Microsoft CEO He recently spoke with the Financial Times about the potential of Metavars and its similarities to video games. In his interview, he went so far as to claim that the two are essentially one.

Nadella said in this interview:


“What is Metavars?” Metavars is basically about creating a game. It is about the ability to put people, places, things in a physical engine and then connect all the people, places and things in that engine together.

You and I will probably be sitting in a conference room soon with our avatars or holograms or even 2D levels with surround sound. “Where we do this forever is in the game.”


Microsoft applications in the field of Metavars

Nadella went on to explain that Microsoft intends to make gaming tools available to developers who will focus on developing Metawares. He also believes younger generations who previously used to Avatar They are used to playing games, they will be more accustomed to using avatars for other purposes.

The CEO of Microsoft continued his long interview by talking about other topics such as what might happen in the future for telecommuting, as well as building the next generation of the Internet.

According to recent reports, Microsoft’s future plans for Metavars seem to be in trouble. The company has reportedly abandoned production of a newer version of the HoloLens augmented reality headset, its augmented reality contract with Samsung has expired, and some of its employees have joined Meta.


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